(2020) Retrogrades by Charlie Rainbow Wolf (Part 4)

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Neptune **

Neptune is home in Pisces now and for several more years. and it’s quite happy in this position. Its movements influence your hopes and dreams, your spiritual evolution, and potential attachment issues. When Neptune retrogrades, it is easy for phobias and fears to surface. If you’ve been deluding yourself in any way, those illusions could be shattered, exposing the truth. The deeper your fantasies, the harsher the truth might appear, especially if you’ve been self-medicating in some way. However rough or painful it might appear, exposing the truth is always a good thing. for it helps you embrace your higher self and grow your soul.


First it is a planet, then it is no planet, then it is!* Pluto is farthest from the Earth, so its retrogrades pass largely unnoticed, apart from the impact you personally or are part of an important aspect pattern. Pluto is associated with evolution, like the phoenix, who dies and rises from the ashes. Look to Pluto to find your personal transformation, where you need to let go and grow, and what is holding you back from being all you can be. Pluto’s retrograde is a time when you may be forced to come to terms with things, demolishing what has power over you, so you once again can take control of your destiny.

** Neptune’s Retrograde Dates 2020

*** Pluto’s Retrograde Dates 2020

* Paraphrase of Zen proverb


Some people believe retrogrades are detrimental. I don’t think that’s necessarily true; however, anything can seem negative if you’re naturally pessimistic! A planet’s retrograde inhibits its energy, limits its potential, and perhaps creates some delay or disruption. Retrogrades are a wonderful time for all the re- words, like review, reorganize, reflect, revamp, revise, and more. Use them to your advantage.

Use the re-blogged posts from WitchesofTheCraft.com to read parts 1 and 3

Copyright by Charlie Rainbow Wolf 2020 in Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2020 Pages 6 to 10


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