Dictionary of Superstitions

Copyright and written by David Pickering 1995

I just thumbed through the book and it stopped on page 30. The superstitions on this page are: Bell which starts on page 29

Bellows all on page 30. Since this is the only word with superstitions attached to it that is on a single page here is what this author has to say about BELLOWS – “Perhaps because of their link with the mystical power of FIRE, bellows feature in a number of superstitious beliefs. Giving BELLOWS as a wedding present or otherwise lending them out is considered most  unwise , and it is widely held that leaving a pair of bellows on a TABLE will lead to a domestic argument or even to a death in the household. On the positive side, one ancient English belief has it that  leaning against a pair of bellows will benefit anyone suffering from RHEUMATISM.”

Belt starts on page 30 and ends on page 31