Outline Of Novice Course Lessons

Novice Course Lesson Outline  

  1. Making Your Book of Shadows/Grimoire – This is that magickal tool that is highly recommended to have. 

1A. What type of things should or could be written or included in your Book of Shadows/Grimoire? 

  Make sure you write down the date you receive the reply for this lesson as that is the date your 1 year and 1 day of study as a novice is done. All lessons must be completed by this date unless given an extension from Rev. Lady Beltane or one of the Council of Elders. To request an extension you will need to submit a 300-word explanation on why you need it. 

  2. Definition of Common Words and Phrases used in Witchcraft 

  3. Explain what defines each Moon phase 

  4. What are some of the magickal correspond for each day of the week? 

  5. Explain where objects representing the elements go when setting up a pentagram.  

  1. Research 6 Gods and 6 Goddesses than explain why you pick thoseparticular Godsand Goddesses to research. 
  2. What is a Witch’s Familiar?  
  3. What are Magical Tools? Please describe any that you have or might want to have someday. (NOTE: Not all the tools you may read about are needed for performing rituals and/or spells.)

8A) Explain why should pick and choose which magickal tools you feel you will need and/or want to practice witchcraft. 

  9. How would you set up a Basic Altar? 

  10. What are the basics of meditation? 

  11. How would you cast a Sacred Circle? 

11A. Why is it important when performing any type of magick to do so in a sacred circle? 

11B. After doing your first sacred circle explain in detail how it felt being in the circle, what you felt went right if you felt anything went wrong, etcetera 

  1. Explain the questions you should ask yourself whenever you write a spell

  12A. Write a Self-Protection spell 

  1. Write a Ritual to perform to cast your self-protection spell in a sacred circle.

13A. Submit for review before attempting to do your ritual and spell. 

13B. After doing the ritual explains in detail how it felt doing it, if you think anything went wrong, etcetera  

  1. What is an Esbat?

13A. How often can an Esbat gathering occur? 

 14. Write an Esbat ritual for a New Moon  

14A. Submit the Esbat ritual before performing it. 

14B. Please explain in detail how do you felt your ritual went 

14C. Write an Esbat ritual for a Full Moon 

14D. Submit the Esbat ritual before performing it. 

14E. Please explain in detail how do you felt your ritual went 

  1. Explain in detail what a Sabbat is 

15A. What the date or dates each are normally observed on  

15B How they are Placed of the Wheel of The Year explains what each Sabbat is observed for.  

15C. Explain the difference in how the Sabbats are celebrated in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres  

  1. Write a Sabbat Ritual for the next Sabbat on the Wheel of the Year for whichever hemisphere you live in (Please put which hemisphere you live in next to the lesson number in the emails subject line)
  2. Write a Ritual for Your Personal Dedication to The Craft. DO you want to do your dedication privately, or with just the Elders or the whole coven?
  3. 14 Question You Should Now BeAbletoAnswer
  4. Write a Review about Being a Novice Within Heart’s Spirit Coven  

Email all lesson to covenlifescoven@gmail.comAll lessons will be reviewed, and you will receive a reply as soon as possible from one of the Elders.  

If you have any questions about any lessons or anything having to do with witchcraft, please email us at covenlifescoven@gmail.com 

All lesson answers and any questions should be sent to covenlifescoven@gmail.com   

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