Application to Study as an Adept with Heart’s Spirit Coven



What is the main reason you want to join this coven? Please answer with at least a 500-word essay. 


Are you formally studying other paths at the moment and what is your motivation to do so?  


Are you prepared to contribute to the wellbeing and up hold the sanctity of the coven and if so how? (i.e respecting its members, it’s hierarchy and its privacy). 

 What is the main reason you want to study The Craft with this coven? Please answer with at least a 500-word essay 


Will you stick to the coven even if it gets bored and tiresome to you? Please explain your answer 


If not will you keep the coven membership a secret after you move on? Please explain your answer


How long have you been practicing witchcraft? 


Who have you been studying witchcraft with?
Do you follow a specific tradition? 
Have you ever or do you now practice any type of dark magick? 
Do you promise to follow the direction of the High Priestess and the Council of Elders? 


Are you willing to question the High Priestess or the other Elders if you feel they are doing and/or saying things that may hurt another coven member, a novice, an adept and/or the coven as a whole? Please explain your answer 


What is your feeling of the phrase ” In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust “? Please explain your answer


Do you know how to safely cast a sacred circle? Please explain how it is done


What is the Wheel of The Year? Please explain it and give us the names and dates of celebrating the Sabbats


What is an Esbat? Please explain


Have you ever called the Watchtowers? Please explain your answer




Have you read the Student/Coven Guidelines Handbook? Answer Yes or No 


 If your answer is No please read it before submitting this application.


Do you have any questions about any of the expectations we have of you being a student and member of Heart’s Spirit Coven? 


This application and your essays need to be accompanied with a $10.00 USD payment. Use the DONATE button on Homepage. If you are accepted as a student in the Heart’s Spirit Coven the $10.00 USD will go towards your course fee. If you are not accepted you receive a refund of $9.50 because of the fees PayPal chares us for transactions. You will also receive an email detailing why you were not accepted as a student 



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