Application for Coven Membership ONLY

This is a questionnaire we ask all potential, non-students of our coven, coven members to fill out. Please take your time with the questions covering what you know about the magickal side of Witchcraft. Answer each question thoroughly and honestly. 


How old are you? 

Where do you live? 

What is the main reason you want to join this coven? Please answer with a 500-word essay. 

Is there a position you want to reach within the coven or/ and your spiritual practice? 

Are you formally studying other paths at the moment and what is your motivation to do so? 

Are you prepared to contribute to the well-being and up hold the integrity of the coven and if so how? (i.e respecting its members, it’s hierarchy and its privacy). 

What is the main reason you study witchcraft? Please explain in a 500 word essay 

Will you stick to the coven even if it gets bored and tiresome? Please explain your answer 

If not will you keep the coven membership a secret after you move on? PLease explain your answer 

How long have you been practicing witchcraft? 

Do you follow a specific tradition? 

Have you ever or do you now practice any type of dark magick? 

Will you uphold the sanctity of Coven Life’s coven? 

Do you promise to follow the direction of the High Priestess and/or Council of Elders? 

Are you willing to question the High Priestess, Priestess and/or the other Elders if you feel they are doing and/or saying things that may hurt another coven member, a novice, and/or the coven as a whole? Please explain your answer 

What is your feeling of the phrase ” In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust “? 

Why did you choose this particular coven when there are so many on the Internet? 

Would you report bullying or anything other negative things coven members might be engaged in? 

What is a scared circle? 

When casting a sacred circle should you walk clockwise or counterclockwise? Please explain your answer for both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres 

When you open your circle which way should you walk? Please explain your answers for both hemispheres  

Should you do a spell for or on anyone without their permission even if it is meant to help the other person? 

What is an Esbat and when can they be celebrated? 

What is the Wheel of the Year?  

What are the names and dates of the Pagan Sabbats? Answer this for both hemispheres 

Should you ground excess energy after doing a spell or rituals or just let it lose in your home? 

Should you dismiss whatever gods, goddesses, angels, elements you have called upon to help you or just allow them the run of your home and family? 

Which points on a pentagram correspond to which element? Start with the top point. 

What are the different Moon Phases called? What type of spells or rituals are best to preform different types of spells. What Moon phase would be best to do each of these spells – protection, healing, income, sending someone or a bad habit away? 


After I and the other coven elders have reviewed your answers and we state our point of view on whether you need to take a few lessons to fill in gaps of you safely doing the magickal side of The Craft or if we will initiate you as probationary coven members. I will let you know. Your probation in the coven would last 1 year and 1 day then on the next new Moon after that you will be initiated as a full coven member. Please send $10.00 USD with your application, If you are accepted it will go towards your yearly membership fee of $30,00 USD due every May First. If you become a member any time before the May 1st due date your fee for that year will be prorated from the date you are accepted until the next May 1st. 

2 thoughts on “Application for Coven Membership ONLY

  1. Hello There, I am a current student working on NL 5, presently. So, I must be exempted from this application. But I wanted to check.


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