A Chuckle for Today

Right now it is not only empaths who see to be overloaded with torrent of emotions but everyone living on Gaia is having a hard time wrapping their heads around not just the Australia’s out of control bushfires, South Korea’s wildfires, volcanic eruptions in the Philippines, and families from all countries who have love ones off serving the country somewhere, etc, etc, etc. I figured we could all do with a smile and hopefully some kind of laughter not to take away the seriousness of what is going on around the world but to take a step back, smile, laugh and relax even for a minute can do people a lot of good.

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2 thoughts on “A Chuckle for Today

  1. Ughh yes, as an empath I have been experiencing a LOT of sadness and turmoil. I’ve not been able to leave my house except for the errands i must run and work etc. I do not wish to be around anyone right now, I need to ground. I’ve been putting off the craft just because I find me shutting completely down a bit more comforting sometimes. Imbolc is approaching and that brings me some kind of comfort and light. I can’t wait for our next gathering. Have a blessed day everyone.

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