4 thoughts on “A Few Witchcraft Symbols with Their Meanings

  1. This was very interesting to me. I have seen these symbols many times in different places and at different times, and have always been curious about them. I am glad that I have been enlightened to the meaning of them. The Ouroboros and the Spiral has significant meaning to me. I have been thinking a lot about how the only constant is change and we just go around and around in a circle. I also feel as though I have been becoming more spiritually awakened, especially studying as a Novice.

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    1. You’re welcome Grace. If you type symbols or alphabet into the search box you will find more pagan symbols and/or alphabets. The spiral represents walking inward either physically and/or mentally for relaxation, meditation, or even to find an answer you are looking for.


    1. We have to Coven Life’s School of Witchcraft for those wanting to study a pagan path spiritually and magickally. Just scroll over School and Coven Membership Information than click on Student/Coven Member Handbook to read what we expect of our students. If you would like to become a novice in our school and Heart’s Spirit Coven under the same menu heading click on Novice Application and Information.


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