Lady Beltane on Sabbatical

My dear brothers, sisters, and guests the last approximately two months have been very stress filled for me to the point of exhaustion and one of my worse fibromyalgia flares ever. Please don’t misunderstand what I am going to say. I am in no way retiring from Coven Life, the school, coven, WOTC or anything else. But I am taking a much needed sabbatical because of stress, exhaustion, time for myself to mourn and not worrying how anyone else is handling Lady Abyss’ death. It has been a little over 4 years since my mom crossed I’m handling family holidays well but her birthday December 12th is still very hard for me to cope with. I promise you all what is wrong with me is lack of balance and self-care which can easily be taken care of.

After talking with my doctor we figured out the cold symptoms I’ve been having are just part of the stress, fibromyalgia flare, and me taking better care of others than myself. So after talking with our Elders it was decided they will cover both websites the Esbat gathering, emails, and lessons so I can mourn, destress, and rest. I am planning on returning for the Solstice Sabbat on the 21st until then I leave you all in very capable hands.

With my deepest gratitude and thanks to Elder Priestess Hypatia, Elder Dawn of the Day, Elder Luna, and Elder Melinda – Lauren for taking over everything for me.

Blessed be dear ones


5 thoughts on “Lady Beltane on Sabbatical

  1. Thank you PH for being my right-witch and taking over for me while I take this much needed sabbatical. I have so many things I’ve wanted to read but after working approximately 6 hours a day on the computer the last thing I want to do is read information from internet classes on different topics having to do with many aspects of being a witch. Now I have time to read the material from the online lessons I signed up for. My depression is stable but stress, exhaustion and grief are like a big truck that keeps running me over.
    With much love and deepest gratitude to you PH,


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