A Thought for Today

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The reason for this post is do to the fact that I lost my part time job because even though I was showing respect to the 34 year old manager and same age owner, I was not getting it back from the manager after the owner left the store in his hands because the owner moved 2,000 miles away. Even though I am old enough to be this persons mother I treated him with respect first of all because he was another human and second of all he was my boss. When I brought things that were very disrespectful from the manager towards me he said he would have to side with him. SO I had the choice of staying at a job in a hostile environment until a replacement for me to be found or turn in my key to the store and that’s that. I chose to turn my key in rather then work in an environment that was stressful and hostile.

I got me thinking how often do I say something or act in a disrespectful manner towards others no matter their age? The answer I came up with is way more often than I should. So starting today no matter how someone might say something to me or what they say or how they act I will still treat them how I expect to be treated. This does not mean I am going to be a doormat and allow people to just walk all over me. What it does mean is as just one person treating everyone with respect that maybe it will wear off on others and the world will start being a more peaceful and harmonious place for all of us to live.

With my respect to you I bid you all bright blessings for you and your families dear brothers and sisters.

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