What you desire is coming fast! Angel Tarot Advice for the week of 9 Dec 2019

Hey ya’ll, welcome to Monday!

Here is your Angel & Tarot advice for the week of 9 Dec. 2019. It’s a good one, so be sure to stay to the end so you can navigate your week on the positive side of the street!

Hey ya’ll, welcome to Monday!

Here is your Angel & Tarot advice for the week of 9 Dec. 2019. It’s a good one, so be sure to stay to the end so you can navigate your week on the positive side of the street!

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I wish you a successful and happy week, full of love and kindness,

The Silver Sage Witch

Lady Beltane on Sabbatical

My dear brothers, sisters, and guests the last approximately two months have been very stress filled for me to the point of exhaustion and one of my worse fibromyalgia flares ever. Please don’t misunderstand what I am going to say. I am in no way retiring from Coven Life, the school, coven, WOTC or anything else. But I am taking a much needed sabbatical because of stress, exhaustion, time for myself to mourn and not worrying how anyone else is handling Lady Abyss’ death. It has been a little over 4 years since my mom crossed I’m handling family holidays well but her birthday December 12th is still very hard for me to cope with. I promise you all what is wrong with me is lack of balance and self-care which can easily be taken care of.

After talking with my doctor we figured out the cold symptoms I’ve been having are just part of the stress, fibromyalgia flare, and me taking better care of others than myself. So after talking with our Elders it was decided they will cover both websites the Esbat gathering, emails, and lessons so I can mourn, destress, and rest. I am planning on returning for the Solstice Sabbat on the 21st until then I leave you all in very capable hands.

With my deepest gratitude and thanks to Elder Priestess Hypatia, Elder Dawn of the Day, Elder Luna, and Elder Melinda – Lauren for taking over everything for me.

Blessed be dear ones


the Count Downs to the Sabbats

I am in a fragile place right now because of so many changes and things in my life over the last couple of months. So I Am taking a few days off to mourn Lady Abyss’ passing because I haven’t had a chance to and to jest destress in general so my super Fibromyalgia flare and migraines go away. Please for give me for not doing what I planned to.

blessed be dear ones.

Counting Dawn to Celebrating Litha

Each day I will bring you a new song an/or video and/or a back flash from Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook (these will range from 1999[1st year published] until 2019) for our upcoming Litha/Summer Solstice celebrations.

Today I picked a beautiful instrumental with amazing pictures and words that touched my spirit. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The Witches Sabbat – Litha

Counting Down to Celebrating Yule

Each day I will bring you a new song and/or video and/or a back flash from Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook (these will range from 1999[1st year published] until 2019) for our upcoming Yule/Winter Solstice celebrations.

Today I pick a song whose melody is from my first winter school program where the teacher for some odd reason gave me a short solo. I hope this song or the melody will bring you fond memories from past winters or give you a new memory to think back on.

What Night is This by Katerina ElHaj

Tomorrow will feature a flashback to Yule from Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2000

Engaging All Five Senses in Spellwork

Spellwork is the practice of bringing the possible into reality whether the spells are for better health, a new job, or tastier garden tomatoes. All of these goals, and most others, work on the principle that the worker uses their own will to shape reality, and because of this, the worker uses their own will to shape reality, and because of this, the worker must be able to form a clear picture of the intended outcome. You can’t create what you can’t imagine so the more clearly the goal is identified, the more likely the desired outcome. Engaging all of our senses in spellwork can help us define that goal and give it aspects that appeal to our need to interact with something to prove to ourselves it is real. Additionally, sometimes we need to define goals that aren’t concrete, but rather involve abstractions such as emotions and memories. Such goals can be hard to represent, but by using our other senses, we can find representation for them, and manifest even the most abstract goals into reality.


While visualization is a much praised and important part of spellwork, each of our four other senses has the potential to connect us to our spellwork in deeper and more intense ways. Human beings are primarily visual creatures, but that does not mean that the visual sense is the strongest for everyone. Nor does it mean that our other senses have less to offer. Many of us already use cues for our other senses in ritual; a drumbeat or music in the background, incense in the Air, cakes and ale. However, we don’t always bring these elements into the spellwork itself. We can use smells, tastes, sounds, and textures in spellcraft to create a deeper link with the magick as well as a more complete representation of the desired result.


For instance, smells provide a powerful trigger for memory and emotion. As an example, you can improve a spell to relieve insomnia by using the smell of fresh linen, applying the scent to a small sachet tucked into your pillow. The scent becomes another part of the spell whether it’s the use of baby powder in a sachet meant to aid in fertility or using a vial of oil as the focus for a calm flying spell.


We can also use scents to bring a spell to mind again after the casting, strengthening the magick or its effect on you. Additionally, spells that you can taste can have a huge impact on the body, and make a great vehicle for workings such as health spells or other purposes involving the body. The sense of touch plays a large role in our interaction with others, but is also the medium through which we interact with and manipulate the world. When we think of something as material, we think of being able to touch it; therefore, giving a texture and feel to the goals of our spellwork lends a quality of realism that brings them closer to manifestation.



Taste and smell are closely linked, but they do have different aspects. Smell is very portable, something you can wear to continually remind yourself of your spellwork. Spells for courage, confidence, and other emotion-linked outcomes can be kept close, and when something is worn on your skin, it becomes a part of you. A vial of oil used as the focus for a calming spell can be a great way to get through a long flight, and the scents we use in our home can be integrated into protection and cleansing spells for when the place needs a quick touch-up.


However, you can also use scents to evoke memory and, through that memory, the results you wish to attain. Drawing on memories of a loved ones, for example, can strengthen spells for that person, aid in contacting a loved one who has passed on, or help you access emotions tied to those memories. Emotions can be particularly hard to define in spellwork, but the way a result make us feel can be an important aspect of the working. In this way, finding the right scent to produce that emotion can make your goal more solid, bringing it just a little further into reality.



While made up largely of smell, taste has different useful properties— just ask any kitchen witch. For instance, it can provide a particularly useful vehicle for health spells, either through using food as a focus for your spell and then using that food to season others, or by ingesting edible oils or foods during the spell itself. We often speak of things so close we can almost taste them, and this literally allows us to give a taste to our desired results by linking them to something we can experience through our senses. For instance, a spell integrated into your favorite vinaigrette can turn your lunchtime salad into a working to help lower your blood pressure. The taste becomes associated with the spell itself, and each time you taste it, you refresh the spell’s influence.


Tastes can also conjure up feelings of home and comfort and family. After a bad day, some tastes have the power to comfort us, or pick up our mood. You can tap into this natural power with magic, or use it to strengthen your magic.





We readily acknowledge that our sense of hearing has power over us, but we often don’t realize how much. A drumbeat simulating an increasing heart rate can create feelings of tension and anxiety, while we all find certain music soothing or energizing. We can use this effect on our emotions in spellwork as a means of representing our goals, both concrete and abstract. A spell to calm anxiety, for example, may incorporate a drumbeat with an increasing cadence, which you then incrementally slow. Not only does it replicate the results that you’re looking to be able to reproduce, but it pulls them from potential into reality.


You can also play the sounds back later, helping to remind you of the spell and its intended effects. Moreover, linking the spell and the sound makes the sound a part of the spell . Every time you listen to the sound, it triggers the same process and the results are now something you can hear and with which you can interact.


Additionally, using sounds in rituals can take on many forms, from music that encompasses the emotional message you wish to create to simple sound effects that simulate your reaction to the desired result.




Despite being the one we most use to interact with the world, touch is perhaps the most underrated sense. In the material world, we use it to manipulate objects, to create desired results, much as spellworkers use their wills to create magical results. For this reason, touch can be a tremendous help to spellwork , though it may require stepping outside of our general perceptions in order to use it effectively. Having a book in one’s hands feels a certain way, and you would recognize a book in your hands even if you couldn’t see it . In the same way, we can use our sense of touch to give texture, depth, and solidity to our spells. Often, we judge more real that which we can touch. Giving texture to our workings, and the results for which we’re aiming, creates in us a sense of realism that establishes it firmly in our minds as real, material, touchable.


While you can use any texture, it is best to use as a focus or a material something that reminds you of the goal. You probably wouldn’t use rough burlap for a sleep sachet or fragile cotton to represent protective armor . It’s also important to be inventive when it comes to touch. Water has a feel all its own when you submerge your fingertips in it, and the feel of still water is completely different to that of moving water, but both lend reality to a working and create a certain feeling within us.



While I have been touting the use of other senses, visualization remains a very important part of spellwork. Being able to visualize a result brings it closer to reality, but augmenting that with information for your other senses completes the experience, making it more than just a picture. If you can represent the emotional content with sound or touch or smell, if you can create a complete an in-depth representation of your result, you are much closer to reaching that goal.


Even if you can’t create a perfect image in your mind, the other senses can help fill in the blanks left by visualization. Smells, sounds, and textures allow you to expand that picture, and the more real you make it, the more real it is.




When all five senses are engaged in our spellwork, we are taking steps toward bringing our goal a deeper sense of reality. While different senses may be more or less suited to different types of spells, all spells benefit from this added realism. When we can vividly imagine our results in detail, they are already closer to being manifest . Using each of our senses, and finding ways to combine them, can make our spellwork more powerful, add depth to the representations of our goals, and add power to our workings. Combining hearing, smell, taste, and touch with sight allows us to imagine it in greater detail and to put more power behind it.


by Marion Sipe


Llewellyn’s 2014 Magical Almanac: Practical Magic for Everyday Living (Llewellyn’s Magical Almanac)

The Stolen Moon

Along time ago, three men stole the Moon from the sky and hung it in a tree like a lantern. All agreed that the Moon was theris and that each man would take his share with him to his grave. Eventually, the men and the pieces of the Moon were reunited in the underworld. The bright light of the now-always-full Moon caused chaos among the spirits, and demons who were use to living in darkness. Hearing the ruckus in the great below, St. Peter came down from heaven and put the Moon back in the sky, restoring order to the world.

The Moon belongs to all of us and gazes down without judgement or favoritism. Not a thing to be tamed or captured, she is a perfect example by which to live, always changing, adapting, and thus maintaining balance. At November’s full Moon, meditate on the many things we share as human beings, similarities to be celebrated as much as our diversity:

The Moon is Yours, The Moon is mine.

In her changing face we find the divine.

(SIDE NOTE – This can be done on any full Moon.)

Copyright by Natalie Zaman in Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2019 Page 141


The Magick of Food 1

Written by Priestess Hypatia

For Coven Life


Over the next series of articles I will be presenting the ‘Magick of Food’ by introducing you to some wonderful recipes and ingredients that can transform the way you eat and cook food.  But before I delve into that, I feel that I need to expand on the essence behind the inspiration of the previous article The Magick of Food.

So here is a little bit about me…..

The Calling

Back in 1987 I saw a wonderful movie called ‘Babette’s Feast’. One that transformed the way I thought about food. It allowed me to think of food, the art of cooking and eating on a soul level and the Psyche. I ventured out into the big wide world of cooking to fulfill my dream as a Chef, traveling around the world and learning the culinary art. All the while there was something missing. A feeling I just couldn’t describe.

Much later yet another movie ‘Chocolat’ with Juliet Binoche triggered that feeling I had many years before. One that ignites a passion filled with magick even at the thought of collecting and put together ingredients. It’s like an alchemical process, transforming a simple meal from the mundane into the magickal.

If anyone is familiar with such movies like ‘A Touch of Spice’ and even the esteemed and rather accurate animation ‘Ratatouille’ you will understand how food can have such a sensory and psychological impact.  Using simple fresh and whole ingredients, grown, stored, prepared and cooked with love, it can truly become memorable, one that will transform your existence.

Time Out

Many years in the Industry running and owning restaurants, then going on to training Chefs, I decided to take a sabbatical from cooking and do some study. Of course, I thought, the next logical stage was Nutrition. Becoming a Clinical Nutritionist has allowed me to look at the actual alchemical process of food and its effects on the human body mind and soul. I loved the pathophysiological aspect of food however my interest in the spiritual aspect of food was far greater.

Putting it all Together

My dedicated spiritual vocation over the years has given me the privilege to look deep into my soul aspect and discover my 2 loves. Spirituality and Nutrition. Now, alongside Clinical Nutrition, I also practice Spiritual Nutrition.

Spiritual Nutrition allows me to look at an individual in a more holistic manner. It takes more than vitamins, minerals and nutrients to heal an ill body. There is a deep psych attached to the element of food, one that takes us back to our first ancestors who walked this earth. Food has been associated with the human psyche since the beginning of time. It is used in many spiritual practices as offering to the spirits, ancestors, Gods, etc.

There is an intimate connection to food with humans since the hunter- gatherer times, one that brings people together in the planting, harvest, preparing and of course eating. Festivals are created and centered on the foods that are harvested during a season, it nourishes our entire existence and feeds our mind, body and soul, so how can this NOT be magick. Simply put food IS magick, it is a gift from the Gods themselves, this is one of the reasons we have harvest festivals, perform offerings and sacrifices. Such practices have been and will continue to be honored throughout millennia.

Keep it Real!

It is important to me and many others I suspect to keep food real. Steering away from artificial, highly processed and even packaged food. Anything that has an ingredient label attached to it I seriously try and avoid if I can. Anything that is unethical, mass produced, artificial and genetically modified all for the convenience of the corporate company. Supporting local farmers and local stores that supply locally grown produce is all part of my ethos, I also encourage my clients to do so.

Society has drifted so far away from the reality of what food actually is. Food is sacred, not a mass produced lump of dead nutrients that is treated with disrespect. Our soil and atmosphere are being over polluted and over planted, developing a deficiency that is being transferred into the food we eat. They then try to compensate by adding artificial fertilizers to the soil killing the natural process. Planting GMO foods that only are good for one harvest, confusing the wildlife, the bees, the trees and of course all the other animals including us humans.

As a result the Great Mother becomes ill and of course as we are an extension of Her existence so do we become ill including everything that she has gifted to us. Our food is making us sick, in fact I just finished attending a lecture with convincing scientific evidence of such shameful global practices.  Bringing diseases to the forefront in epidemic proportions such as autoimmune, inflammatory, psychological, pathophysiological, vitamin and nutrient deficiencies in first world countries, malnourished and deformities as a result, cancers, Hormonal imbalances and the list just goes on. This is NOT reality, the reality is that we all have an ability to live a long healthy good quality life, this is a fact not an assumption. In Haiti one of the poorest countries in the world, they refuse assistance from Monsanto (a global food abomination) because their crops are all GMO. The people from Haiti know all too well of the effects of what such food companies and practices can do to their existence.

Can a Diet have an Impact on our Spirituality?

Once we become aware of our actual connection to food, nourishment or human nutrition takes on a spiritual aspect. Growing our own food to harvest and cook is very powerful magick indeed and most definitely impacts on our spirituality. It’s like growing your own herbs, drying them and using them in potions, lotions or a sacred incense during ritual, far more powerful than buying online from a mass produced herbal supplier. How can the magick of your herbs take effect if the energy is wrong to begin with? You plant them, nurture them, and care for them, sharing your own essence. Everything we do, everything we are is energy, one that comes from a pure light source. Just look up and you will see this grand ball of energy called the Sun. Plants thrive in a conducive environment, just like people, science has proven this over and over again.

Food is the same, they too are plants. They should be planted at certain times of the year, in fact looking at the Farmers Armagnac calendar one can see even at certain times of the month what is required, this is called bio dynamic planting. It allows the plant to be at its best, ridding it of disease and producing the best possible food, it is the exact same effect on our body. If this isn’t spell work, I don’t know what is!

The Ancients

The Pythagorean’s- about 600BC believed that a healthy diet contributes to a higher sense of being, encouraging and leading one to a path of enlightenment, a healthy body equates to a higher spiritual being, a cleaner essence and a pure thought. This is what they call the light body. It is through these pure thoughts that one develops their soul aspect or as the ancient Greeks called the Psyche. The ancient Greeks had a maxim- Your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habit, your habit becomes your character your character becomes your fate, and no one can escape their fate.

Mind, Body, Soul Connection

Modern spirituality calls this the ‘Mind, Body, Soul connection’. The reality is that the pure light body is not a metaphysical speculative pseudoscience. The ancients knew what they were talking about. Modern science has discovered something called Bio photons- These are actual’ bits of light’ energy found in all living plants and animals that also include humans. These ’bits of light’ have been proven to play a vital role in supporting the health and well-being of cells and the immune system. Without these ‘Bits of light’ our body becomes ill, our mind becomes ill and our soul then becomes ill.

REMEMBER you are what you eat! If you eat food filled with light then that is what you will become.

In the following articles I will be introducing simple food sources and their benefits to the ‘Mind, Body and Soul’.

Bon Appetite!