Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to You and Yours


I decided to go with a silly post this year because of the sadness we are feeling with Lady Abyss going into the Summerlands.

A of trick I have used for years to keep my guests happier with no cross words between any of them is before you add the cooking sage to anything ask that it is blessed to clear negativity out of everyone who eats it. I actually put a small pinch in every dish that is served. A pinch is not enough to change the flavor of anything but the harmony it brings when the family is gathered is priceless

5 thoughts on “Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to You and Yours

    1. I have to buy a larger container of cooking sage because I used up the last of what I had on the turkey breast we had yesterday. I bless the entire container and add a small to medium pinch into the main part of every dinner I cook. Be doing this I have cut done on am very words spoken by me or my husband to the other person by around 90%. While a lot of witches would disagree this works in place of sniffing daily or weekly I have proven through experimenting cooking with or without it that it works in my home. I even add a tiny pinch to both of my familiars dinner almost daily. I have found most spices and different flavor extracts in many sizes are cheaper to buy on Amazon.com than in any kind of grocery store, this includes organic and non GMOI enhanced ones.


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