A Place to Talk About Whatever You Need or Want to and a Remembrance Ceremony for Lady Abyss

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Rev. LADY Beltane will be available in the chat room, link is below, Friday, November 8th from 6:00 AM CST to 7:00 PM CST and Saturday, November 9th from 12:00 PM CST (possibly earlier) to ? Rev. Lady Beltane is also available by emailing her at LadyBeltane@aol.com

We will be doing a Remembrance Ceremony at 6:00 PM CST lasting approximately 10 to 15 minutes to honor Lady Abyss.

What You Need for Remembrance Ceremony

1 – 4 inch White chime candle With Lady of the Abyss craved in to it (you can use a large candle if you want but any size candle needs to safely burn down completely)

1 Candle Holder

1 Piece of Paper size is up to you

Something to write with

Matches or a lighter

A container to put paper in to finish burning safely

Something to put under container so the surface it is sitting on is not damaged.

A laptop, tablet, computer to follow the ceremony on and to talk in the chat room.

A full piece of paper towel

Chat room is closed for general talking while we do the ceremony

Remembrance Ceremony

Lady Beltane: I walk this circle with the Lord and Lady to keep our messages to Lady Abyss on a true path to her.

Everyone:  We asked the Goddess to  let Lady Abyss receive our messages of love  and missing her.

We honor Lady Abyss as we light a candle so she knows she brighten each of our lives in some way. We honor her for all she has taught us. We thank Lady Abyss for being friend or mentor or sister or all of these things to each of us.

Take 5 minutes to write whatever you want to, to our beloved Lady.

Everyone: Start burning your paper when you feel heat of the burning paper put it in the container to finish burning. When it is completely burned type  So mote it be.

(After the circle is done or as soon as you have time do the following in daylight:

When the candle was and ashes completely cool down place everything in the middle of the full piece of paper towel. Fold the corners towards the middle making it into a bundle. Take the bundle to a crossroads. Once there ask the Goddess to watch over you and to keep any automobiles away from there until you are through. After all moving automobiles have left the area stand in the middle of the crossroads and place the bundle on the ground at your feet, open it, and leave it there. If you feel you want to say anything to Lady Abyss please do. Than thank the Goddess for her protection, turn and walk away without looking back.)

Lady Beltane: Dear sisters and brothers we have honored the end of this life time for Lady Abyss. May we find some peace in knowing she will not feel anymore pain. We also are celebrating her life by sharing our memories of her.

I walk this circle with the Lord and Lady to close this circle. We happily give the energy we raise to Mother Earth to use as she needs it.

This circle is done but through the Goddess we will stay connected. Go in peace and love.towel


The ceremony is done but the chat room is available for as long as anyone wants to talk.

Coming Very Soon a Page to Share Your Memories of Lady Abyss

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I will only be doing the all birthday horoscope for this week. If you want the Moon phase and planetary positions I ask that you go back to an earlier post and use the link to find what you want. I will start posting for both hemispheres on the Northern Hemisphere Sunday, November 10th. The Memory Page will be ready by 9:00 AM Central Time on Friday, November 8th.

The posts I will be doing the rest of this week will be to honor our beloved Lady Abyss. If you have a story about you and her up on the memorial page I will be making send me:

The Story please include approximately when it happened if you remember – Your memory might be something she posted that you felt she did it for you or emails between you or phone calls or any story about how she touched your…

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