The Cosmic Witch Part 5

Written by Hypatia

For Coven Life




It has been a little while since I have written an article.

I have been on what you could call a spiritual vocation. One that led me far away from my home land and on to the land of my ancestors. However this is a story to be told for another time.

The series of articles started before I left will be continued until I finish with all the 7 sacred planets. I believe it is important to understand how we are connected to the ‘Great Web of Life’, something that has been told in many cultures throughout the globe for millennia.

I have included below the links to the previous articles that one needs to read in order to understand the meaning of this series.

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Continuing from the previous post of aligning with Universal Powers for effective magickal practices…….

In this post I will be discussing the 3rd of the Sacred Seven that I have been mentioning in the previous posts. Here I will be talking about the beautiful and eloquent Venus.

Throughout the evolution of humanity, the planet Venus has been personified as an anthropomorphic figure of a beautiful and divine virgin of the feminine, one that represents love, sex, fertility and beauty. In fact the planet takes its name from the Great Roman Goddess Venue and her Greek counterpart Aphrodite.


The Cypriot origins of this great Goddess are from the sea in Paphos on the Island of Cyprus some 3200BC. One of the many other names that was given to her by the Greeks was ‘Anadiomeni’, meaning ‘the one who emerges’.

The Goddess exudes her great power not only over human beings but also plants and animals, maintaining and sustaining all of life here on earth. At times she is also mentioned as the Great Goddess of Light, as the Light barer as the Lucifer that actually means ‘the one who carries the light’. She is the shining one that lights up the night sky, the one that pacifies all human emotions, calms the seas and animals.

The Sumerian origins have her as the Moons daughter and the Suns sister and was the link between the deities of light and dark.

In the Orphic traditions she was a cosmogenic Goddess that gave rise to form Either to create out of the Earths substance. Aphrodite was the mistress of thought-forms, who governs the human etheric and astral body.

Hymns of Orpheus to Aphrodite

The beautiful Hymn below can be used in ritual for the Goddess Herself. Ensure that you have your planetary alignments in check. It is best done on the day and hour of Venus. I have included a table of planetary hours below for both sunset and sunrise.
Child of Ocean
amazing beauty, we honor you.
You rule deep earth,
encircling heaven,
the stormy seas
and everything in them.
Mother of sweet marriage,
you join the world together
with laughter and harmony;
even the Fates obey you.
Every eye seeks you.
Give us beauty and love.
Delighted by secrets
and lavish feasts
you are concord
and persuasion.
You are beautiful necessity
even in the frenzy of the shark,
delicate as sea foam of Cyprus,
fragrant as Syrian oils,
bright as golden chariots
on Egyptian plains
by the sandy bank
of the turquoise Nile,
a choir of the loveliest Nymphs
sings a hymn to your beauty.
With reverence we ask
for the gift of grace 

(Translated by Thomas Taylor)

According to Plato, love is attributed to Aphrodite, prophecy to Apollo, the mysteries to Dionysus and poetry to the Muses. Plato tells us that the most important of these divine gifts is Divine love for two reasons. Firstly, without pure love’s impulse, the other gifts prophecy, mysteries and poetry remain uncreative, inactive, and sterile. They need the vibrant, pulsating impulse of Divine love so as to be constantly nourished and sustained. Secondly, because only the essence of love can carry the lover into the beloved, and as long as that love is directed to the sublime, it unites the mind of a seeker more closely.


Planetary Hours

Sunrise Sunday Monday Tuesday Wenesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1st Hour Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn
2nd Hour Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter
3rd Hour Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars
4th Hour Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun
5th Hour Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus
6th Hour Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury
7th Hour Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon
8th Hour Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn
9th Hour Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter
10th Hour Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars
11th Hour Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun
12th Hour Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus


Sunset Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1st Hour Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury
2nd Hour Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon
3rd Hour Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn
4th Hour Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter
5th Hour Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars
6th Hour Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun
7th Hour Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus
8th Hour Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury
9th Hour Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon
10th Hour Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn
11th Hour Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter
12th Hour Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars

*Sunrise and sunset tables are given in Llewellyn’s Daily Planetary Guide.

Venus Correspondences

When engaging in ritual that includes the Great Goddess it is important like everything to be in alignment with the universal energy. This I have mentioned numerous time through not only in this series, but also in other articles I have posted. Below I have a list of Correspondences that you may choose to coordinate with your magickal work to align the energies in order to make your practice more effective and of course more responsible.

Elements– Earth and Water

Colours– strong Blues, deep Orange, Yellow, Green, Indigo, Rose

Gemstones- Emerald, Opal, Rose Quartz

Metal– Copper

Day– Monday

Herbs– have a strong associations with the planet Venus, Apple, Balm of Gilead, Bergamot, Catnip, Damiana, Dragons Blood, Geranium, Hibiscus, Magnolia, Mugwort, Plumeria, Rose, Rose Geranium, Strawberry, Vanilla, Vervain, Violet.

In magical workings and rituals– the ruling aspects of the planet Venus are the arts, attraction, beauty, female sexuality, friendship, harmony, love, luxury, music, pleasure, scent, sensuality, social affairs. In its negative aspects, Venus represents coldness, isolation and lechery.

For further reading on Venus for a better understanding:


The Venus Pentagram

Interestingly the planet Venus has a magical path around the sun that is connected to the pentagram. Take a look how how BEAUTIFUL the dance of Venus around the Sun is, paving a path that represents the sacred flower of life and the pentagram that is connected to the 5 elements!




A Full Moon Esbat Ritual

I am sorry with everything that has happened in my life so far this month that I completely forgot about the full Moon Esbat. We will be having a new Moon Esbat on Saturday, November 23rd with a party hour will start at 6:00 PM CST with the Circle being cast at 7:00 PM CST. If you are not and student and/or member of Coven Life’s Coven please leave a comment if you would like to attend as this is an invitation only Esbat event to imitate our Elders and new coven members.

Now back to our wonderful November full Moon to celebrate we are going to do another drum along with a song. All you need is one white candle any size will do, the larger it is the more times you can use it to honor the Moon Goddess name you chose make sure to inscribe the name into your white candle. Below is a link containing some of the Moon Goddess’ name. Pick the one the “calls” to you”, in other words the one name you think,”That’s it!”

id you know there are also Gods or male names used for the Moon? It has been so long since I used one of them I had forgotten that some Gods are all associated with the Moon. So as many pagan traditions use duality and balance as part of their traditions I thought it would be a good idea to include some of the God names in case anyone wants to use one or more while celebrating tonight’s Full Moon. For this you will need a separate white candle again the size is your choice, the larger it is the more times you can light it to honor the Moon you have chosen, be sure to inscribe his name into the white candle for him. Same as with the Moon Goddess you will find different names for the Moon God. Again pick the one that calls to you.

You should decide for yourself if you are more comfortable working and dancing with a Goddess, God, or both and even if you want 2 or more of each. The most important thing for you to do in any solitary ritual is to do what feels right for you.

You will need something to use as a drum or clapping your hands or however you feel you should keep with the rhythm of the song. The song I picked for this full Moon is The Earth is Our Mother (Ancient Chant)

Play the song from YouTube on whatever you want to. I suggest casting a circle before you begin listening to the music and drumming even possibly singing along with the chat. As the song is about Mother Earth you should consider grounding all the energy raised as you listen, drum, and maybe sing to Mother Earth for her to use however she needs to.

Always remember to thank whatever Goddess or God you call upon to enter your circle. Open/Close your circle. Than write about in your Book of Shadows the ritual what God or Goddess or both that you called upon, then name of the song, what you used to keep rhythm with to the song, whether you dance or sang or both and how you felt during after the ritual, how you cast you circle and open/closed it. This way you can look back at it if you want to do something like this again. I suggest you write in your Book of Shadows about any magikcal workings you do whether it is alone or a lesson for which ever level course you are on or with the coven. If you choose to share how your ritual went please write about in the comment section for the post. Thank you.


Angel/Tarot advice for your week

Angel/Tarot advice for the week of 11.11.2019

Comfort from the Angels is here for those of you who need it. Never give up hope!

The 11th of November is a very powerful time, especially right before the full moon!

Use this power to your advantage by booking a personalized Tarot card reading with me at:

Thank you for being here and I really hope you’ll be able to use the advice from the Angels.

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A Place to Talk About Whatever You Need or Want to and a Remembrance Ceremony for Lady Abyss

we do not die

Rev. LADY Beltane will be available in the chat room, link is below, Friday, November 8th from 6:00 AM CST to 7:00 PM CST and Saturday, November 9th from 12:00 PM CST (possibly earlier) to ? Rev. Lady Beltane is also available by emailing her at

We will be doing a Remembrance Ceremony at 6:00 PM CST lasting approximately 10 to 15 minutes to honor Lady Abyss.

What You Need for Remembrance Ceremony

1 – 4 inch White chime candle With Lady of the Abyss craved in to it (you can use a large candle if you want but any size candle needs to safely burn down completely)

1 Candle Holder

1 Piece of Paper size is up to you

Something to write with

Matches or a lighter

A container to put paper in to finish burning safely

Something to put under container so the surface it is sitting on is not damaged.

A laptop, tablet, computer to follow the ceremony on and to talk in the chat room.

A full piece of paper towel

Chat room is closed for general talking while we do the ceremony

Remembrance Ceremony

Lady Beltane: I walk this circle with the Lord and Lady to keep our messages to Lady Abyss on a true path to her.

Everyone:  We asked the Goddess to  let Lady Abyss receive our messages of love  and missing her.

We honor Lady Abyss as we light a candle so she knows she brighten each of our lives in some way. We honor her for all she has taught us. We thank Lady Abyss for being friend or mentor or sister or all of these things to each of us.

Take 5 minutes to write whatever you want to, to our beloved Lady.

Everyone: Start burning your paper when you feel heat of the burning paper put it in the container to finish burning. When it is completely burned type  So mote it be.

(After the circle is done or as soon as you have time do the following in daylight:

When the candle was and ashes completely cool down place everything in the middle of the full piece of paper towel. Fold the corners towards the middle making it into a bundle. Take the bundle to a crossroads. Once there ask the Goddess to watch over you and to keep any automobiles away from there until you are through. After all moving automobiles have left the area stand in the middle of the crossroads and place the bundle on the ground at your feet, open it, and leave it there. If you feel you want to say anything to Lady Abyss please do. Than thank the Goddess for her protection, turn and walk away without looking back.)

Lady Beltane: Dear sisters and brothers we have honored the end of this life time for Lady Abyss. May we find some peace in knowing she will not feel anymore pain. We also are celebrating her life by sharing our memories of her.

I walk this circle with the Lord and Lady to close this circle. We happily give the energy we raise to Mother Earth to use as she needs it.

This circle is done but through the Goddess we will stay connected. Go in peace and love.towel


The ceremony is done but the chat room is available for as long as anyone wants to talk.

Coming Very Soon a Page to Share Your Memories of Lady Abyss

Witches Of The Craft®

I will only be doing the all birthday horoscope for this week. If you want the Moon phase and planetary positions I ask that you go back to an earlier post and use the link to find what you want. I will start posting for both hemispheres on the Northern Hemisphere Sunday, November 10th. The Memory Page will be ready by 9:00 AM Central Time on Friday, November 8th.

The posts I will be doing the rest of this week will be to honor our beloved Lady Abyss. If you have a story about you and her up on the memorial page I will be making send me:

The Story please include approximately when it happened if you remember – Your memory might be something she posted that you felt she did it for you or emails between you or phone calls or any story about how she touched your…

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Lady Abyss has Left this Lifetime

The reason I have not heard for Lady Abyss is because she crossed into the Summerlands on June 13, 2019. I do not know what happened to her as she sounded fine when I talk to her on the 12th. How I found out her body died was by coming across her obituary while trying to find a current phone number for her.

I have just chatted  with WordPress on how I can keep this domain name. I just have to try to get a copy of a document about Lady A and have one noterized about myself. I will be working on both this week.

Instead of a regular open chat this coming Saturday I’m going to have a Memorial for Lady Abyss

I will approve people entering the chat room before Saturday/Sunday and check for new people through out the day except for when we are doing the remembrance ceremony.

Everyone is welcome to attend to share stories and/or memories of our wonderful, loving sister and mentor Lady Abyss. I will be in and out of the chat room. For the Northern Hemisphere the Chat room will no openk starting on Saturday, November 9th at approximately 4:00 PM CST until everyone is done. And for the Southern Hemisphere it will start on Sunday, November 10th at 9:00 AM AEDT. There will be a remembrance ceremony celebrating Lady Abyss’ life, death, and her rebirth in the future at 6:00 PM CT/11:00 AM AEDT. Please have a 4 inch candle with Lady Abyss inscribed into it. If you want to use a larger candle that is fine too. Have a safe place to leave the candle burn when you are awake. Keep relightening until it burns all the way down. If you want to write a note of any kind to her please do that beforehand. After the candle is lit start to burn the piece of paper place it into a fire proof container to finish burning it safely. Take the candle stub any leftover wax from it and put them in the container with the ashes. When everything is completely cooled  down, wrap it all in either gauze or a paper towel and bring to a crossroads. If you can bury in the center of where the roads cross great, if you can not bury it leave the little bundle in the middle of the crossroads.

I will not be doing regular posts or answering mails today/tomorrow or tomorrow/Thursday I need sometime to start coming to terms with my mentor, best friend and sister no longer being in this plane. I only found out yesterday by stumbling over her obituary while looking for something else.On