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I decided to go with a silly post this year because of the sadness we are feeling with Lady Abyss going into the Summerlands.

A of trick I have used for years to keep my guests happier with no cross words between any of them is before you add the cooking sage to anything ask that it is blessed to clear negativity out of everyone who eats it. I actually put a small pinch in every dish that is served. A pinch is not enough to change the flavor of anything but the harmony it brings when the family is gathered is priceless

The Magick of Food

Written By

Priestess Hypatia


We spend numerous hours cleansing our spiritual space to create a flow of energy that will allow us effective results in our magickal life. We prune, water and tend to our gardens. We dust reorganize and designs our homes. We decorate our altar space, feeding this energetically in honor of the Gods or whatever is part of your belief system. One of the most important spiritual domains that we forget is our body. Yes your body too is a temple, a sacred altar, one that should be honored and respected just as equally. It is through this sacred vessel that ALL energy runs through and impacts our Magikcal world.

Cultures throughout time have practiced time honoring rituals in maintaining the body as a sacred space, we are the vessel that the Magick is radiating through. We create the space within ourselves for all Magick to generate and be transmuted. As a result our body (vessel) needs to be healthy and as pure as possible. When your body is healthy, your mind is also healthy. A healthy body and mind is a vessel for clean, clear and effective energy transmission and transmutation.

Today people all over the world continue to participate in special diets in their spiritual and religious practices allowing their body to become a perfect vessel to receive and deliver energy. Such spiritual practices have been scientifically proven to benefit the body greatly. For instance fasting is a long time honored spiritual practice among many cultures throughout the globe. It improves mental clarity, immunity, metabolism, promotes detoxification and longevity just to name a few.

Remember to:

Eat whole healthy foods, ones that are mainly plant based, high in good fats. Aim to nourish your body and soul. Become mindful of how and what you eat, aiming with every mouthful to improve your spiritual practice.

Below are some suggestions that could assist you in developing your spiritual practice to the next level.

Ensure you have:

Abundant omega 3 fats especially DHA and EPA, which come exclusively from animal foods such as fish, oysters, grass fed beef, free range eggs.

Sufficient saturated fat from coconuts, raw cacao, eggs, ghee, and grass fed butter and grass-fed animals.

Clean, pure, filtered, fresh water. 70-80% of our physical body is water.

Magnesium rich foods such as green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, raw cacao etc. Magnesium is an absolutely essential mineral for the nervous system.

Minimal stimulants such as caffeine.

Intermittent fasting and remaining in a state of “lightness”. Digestion comes at a huge energetic/metabolic cost. Eating a nutrient dense but calorie sparse diet allows this energy to be dispersed elsewhere in the body, such as the brain and nervous system.

At least 80% of the diet consisting of nutrient dense, mineral rich plant foods with emphasis on dark green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, sprouts, seaweeds and fermented foods.

Eating foods in their whole and natural state.

Daily consumption of fermented/probiotic rich foods such as Sauerkraut, Kim Chi, Miso, Kombucha, Kefir etc. as well mushrooms, which are super nourishing for the nervous system. I can not recommend this enough!

Limiting pasteurized dairy products.

Avoidance of synthetic/man made “foods” such as additives, preservatives, artificial (ridiculously neuro toxic) sweeteners, margarine etc.

Avoidance of refined sugar and refined carbohydrates (white breads and pastas etc.) that are nothing more than pharmaceutical foods/empty calories.

Avoiding the over consumption of factory farmed animals and processed meats. These animals are slaughtered in fear and kept sick their entire lives by being fed foods that are unnatural to them and being injected with hormones and antibiotics (which end up in your body). Always aim for grass fed, organic animal products.

As a nutritionist and a spiritual practitioner, I cannot stress enough the importance of a ‘Healthy Diet’ one that is not just about the food that you place in your mouth, but the information you ingest with your brain. A healthy brain is produced through a healthy body, a healthy body is produced through healthy living practices, and remember the old cliché ‘You are what you eat’!


Thank you all for helping to save Lady Abyss’ Legacy. If it wasn’t for her there would never have been a Coven Life website, online coven, online school, or chat room.

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Update on Paperwork

Please do not think it is ok to go into grey magic on a regular basis.

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Hi Sisters and Brothers,

I woke up with a nasty cold so I called the post office before bundling up and walking there. The postmaster told me to wait until Monday to overnight the papers to Kentucky because no government offices have anyone there to accept certified overnight mail on the weekends. I am going into grey magic to put a spell on the paperwork that is being sent to be processed faster than usual and on the envelope a spell So it can’t be out aside until it is opened and someone is working on out request. I do not usually do this type of spellwork except in an emergency or something extremely important.

So Monday morning I’ll be leaving about 8:30 AM CST to go to the post office first and than to get my information notarized at my bank.

I talked with WordPress last evening when I…

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