A Thought for Today

No matter what sex you feel you are inside male, female, transgender, gay, lesbian, other, straight.
No matter what you look like on the outside or the color of your skin.

No matter whether you are obviously disabled or your disability cannot be easily seen by others.

No matter what path you choose as your spiritual one. There are way to many “main strean and clut religions” and “spirituality groups” to name.

As long as you are content and happy in your own skin and mind what anyone says about you to you face or behind your back please practice on not taking it personally, try not to allow yourself to become upset or angry. Instead attempt to ask the person in a kind ans calm manner why they are saying whatever about you and ask that tthe listen to yoour side of what happened.

Remember no has control over our emotions or the way we react to things except for ourself. Another person cannot make you angry but you can choose to react to whatever with anger.

Maybe some of you are asking yourself how did Lady Beltane go from talking about preconceived prejudice aimed at people different than youself to who has the ultimate control over our feelings. The answer dear brothers and sisters is prejudice and our feelings are intricately tied to gather when we say a person and/or speak to them.

Here is the actual “A Thought for Today”—-

How often do you turn your head when you are all alone in a public place because you notice someone looking at you just because they are different on the outside than you are?

Here is a little challenge for you — instead of turning away from that person say,” Hello, I’m ____. Who are you?” Than you can try to ask them to join you in a cup of coffee or tea or prehaps soda. Then if they accept be sur you don’t talk only about yourself, make sure to ask the other pers about themself. Most importantly don’t just here what they are saying instead actively listen to them. I think you will be surprised to find the two of you are not that much different.

Please let us know in a comment how the coversation went.

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