Foster Moms

by Dawn Marshall    9-26-19


Foster Mom
her coffee is black
and the day is just dawning
her sleep was too short
and she is busy yawning
the bed has been calling
And she has to ignore it
More rest would be wonderful
but you have to move forward
There will be short nights
Through out her career
some due to  illness
But others from reindeer
A birth mother has been there
She can make those decisions
you can keep out most damage
and not let them be victims
A foster mom is different
Her kids face more drama
their child is often hurting
they have suffered some trauma
the pain has changed them
as all injuries will do
often for the negative
but the strong get through
The trauma will jade them
and the world  will look different
it will make some into fighters
some will become belligerent
sometimes this will manifest
at one in the morning
with a lot of loud shouting
And screaming and groaning
hey will often feel pain
like they are unwanted
some feel that they are bad
and can easily be forgotten
Some have been raped
For others its emotional
The pain is so great
tears become uncontrollable
healing is a long process
but it needs to be done
to work through the issues
And they feel like a ton
There will be some tears
That are shed on both sides
but the child will feel better
because of moms vibes
sometimes when this happens
And the pain begins to spew
All a mother can do

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Saturday, September 28, 2019


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