Joining a Coven ~vs~ Solitary Witching by The Silver Sage Witch of

I have been part of and led as a Pagan High Priestess in face to face covens and I now have an online coven. While the novices do follow a set of lessons the questions are designed for the student to find the answers that call to them. As do not believe there should be only one correct answer to the questions. After i became a High Priestess I choose to become an Eclectic Witch and encourage those in my coven to walk the pagan path that calls to them. As I tell people who ask I mentor a coven of solitary witches. We do come together for Esbats and Sabbats but the rituals vary widely because I ask a coven members to write and lead them. My adept course is 2 years with part of the first year elaborate on certain novice lessons and the rest of the 2 years we focus on what the person wants to study in the way they choose to learn it. Individually is important in a coven to learn for each other. Thank you for mentioning my online coven dearest sister! All witches and pagans are welcome to join us for any of our Esbat and/or Sabbat gatherings. The circle is cast at 7:00 PM CT for all gatherings. We also ave open chats the 2nd and 4th Saturdays every month. If you are interested in joining us for a gathering or chat there is a link to my website, Coven Life, is on NewFound-Life Links page.