Grey Witchcraft

There are many types of witches in the world; kitchen witches, white witches, hedge witches, the list goes on. I am a practicing grey witch. But what exactly is a grey witch? How is she different than other types of witches? What kind of spells does she cast?
Now, I always warn people that I do not claim to speak for all grey witches. I only speak for myself because everyone’s path and practice is different. I can give you an idea of what grey witchcraft is, but I can’t tell you how all grey witches practice their craft. This is because the way I practice magic may or may not be completely different than another witch.
Some grey witches might favor the Right Hand Path, and others lean towards the Left Hand Path. Others only cast white magic spells unless the situation is dire enough to use black magic. There are some who use black magic whenever they want. There is no set code or instruction booklet for the grey witch. She really just follows her own flow, taking inspiration from whatever sources she finds helpful.

So What is a Grey Witch?…
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3 thoughts on “Grey Witchcraft

  1. I think that the Gray Witch is proper. A little protective or defensive magic does the world some good. When done with a purpose to help or protect the innocent is warrior magic rather than dark to get a result that helps but gives a burn to those who hurt. Those who hurt need to be brought down a peg so that they learn what is acceptable to the Goddess and to the Earth. Circe turned men into pigs out of protection. There was a reason why she did this that was not part of Homer’s tale. Therefore, when the patriarchy came to hurt or destroy there was a need to protect; thereby a little dark is preferable rather than be destroyed. Something that is needed to today is to protect oneself, to protect the innocent, and to protect the earth. So you go with be being Gray and be proud. For the Goddess needs warriors now more than ever. Just my opinion, of course.


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