6 Benefits Of Incense For The Mind, Body And Soul

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If there was one thing that bound all the different, competing religions of the world together, it would be burning incense. Whether it is an altar boy burning frankincense during mass or a priest lighting incense sticks during a puja, the smell of incense is something that we can all immediately identify with. Even outside the realm of prayer, lighting incense has a multitude of benefits that can bring calmness to our souls. If it’s good enough for the gods, it’s good enough for us.

1. Reduces Anxiety And Tension

Certain smells have long been believed to have a very real effect on our body. Perhaps the reason behind the calmness of Buddhist monks is that they inhale incense all day. If you’re ever feeling the pressures of life getting to you, try burning some sandalwood or jasmine incense sticks and feel yourself reach nirvana.

2. It Can Help You Sleep…

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