Today’s Open Chat

I am canceling the Open Chat scheduled for 6:00-800 PM CDT this evening. I am sorry for the short notice but I thought the 102+F temperature I have again would go away with OTC medication or White Willow Bark tea no such luck. My medical doctor who is very open to non-existent forms of medicine and treatments plus holistic healers and myself are still trying to figure out what is wrong. A spirit brother of mine, White Wolf, asked if it could possibly be a hex, curse, or voodoo doll/poppet been sent at me or being used against me by a voodoo practitioner from Louisiana, USA that is very pissed off that I took over WOTC. This person and I had many runs in the last couple of years while she was “helping” with OTC. I took the suggestion under consideration than made sure that wasn’t what was wrong because all my protection wards for my property, home, and myself include a thick layer set up to make sure no matter where I am or what I am doing in this plane or any astral pain anything she would try to send my way bounced off like hitting a balloon and goes right back at her.

I do not recommend trying to do a spell of this type until you have been a practicing spellcaster for sometime because if it goes wrong the original spell that was sent to harm you will come back at you 9 times stronger.

All Esbats, Open Chats, and Sabbats for September will be held no matter how I feel.

Blessed be dear ones.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Open Chat

  1. Hello sweet Lady Beltane, I can’t believe you are feeling like this. You are very right in stating that it’s not a curse. The fever is unusual, it sounds like a sign of infection. With your cardiac history, have the doctors considered a heart infection? This is possible, it’s called endocarditis. Just a suggestion. Sometimes we put too much faith in our doctors, and they are human after all, anything can and does get overlooked. I have seen this many times before.

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