Today’s Open Chat

I am canceling the Open Chat scheduled for 6:00-800 PM CDT this evening. I am sorry for the short notice but I thought the 102+F temperature I have again would go away with OTC medication or White Willow Bark tea no such luck. My medical doctor who is very open to non-existent forms of medicine and treatments plus holistic healers and myself are still trying to figure out what is wrong. A spirit brother of mine, White Wolf, asked if it could possibly be a hex, curse, or voodoo doll/poppet been sent at me or being used against me by a voodoo practitioner from Louisiana, USA that is very pissed off that I took over WOTC. This person and I had many runs in the last couple of years while she was “helping” with OTC. I took the suggestion under consideration than made sure that wasn’t what was wrong because all my protection wards for my property, home, and myself include a thick layer set up to make sure no matter where I am or what I am doing in this plane or any astral pain anything she would try to send my way bounced off like hitting a balloon and goes right back at her.

I do not recommend trying to do a spell of this type until you have been a practicing spellcaster for sometime because if it goes wrong the original spell that was sent to harm you will come back at you 9 times stronger.

All Esbats, Open Chats, and Sabbats for September will be held no matter how I feel.

Blessed be dear ones.

A Thought for Today


We are not some secret society that sacrifices babies or animals.

Most of us will never put a hex or curse on a person, place, or animal.

We respect the religion of others and do try to not condemn them or their beliefs or to force our beliefs onto them.

As Witches and/or Pagans we are usually much more intuned with Gaia/Mother Earth then those of “main stream” religions and there for respect and as much as we can to live in harmony with her and allthe living things.

Always take responsibility for anything you say or do. If you wrong someone it is your place to apologize to make things right again. Even if after doing this you decide to cut the person totally out of your life forever. We do not have commandments but we do have a Witches Rede summed up in 8 words

Do as you will, less it harm none

The “none” includes yourself, domestic animals, wildlife from the on, above, and under the ground, oceans, lakes, any water ways, that live and fly in the air, slither in the sand and/or crawl on top or below the ground and most of all another human. Once again take responsibility for your words and/or actions as harm maybe caused to yourself or others in many ways mentally, physically, emotionally or any combination of these.

As you do spells and/or rituals, if it is for others ask their permission first, keep in mind the Threefold Law as know as The Rule of Three. Remember this means any of your words and/or actions good or back will in someway come -back to you three times stronger then when you spoke unlikely or kindly, when an action had negative or positive consequences to another living thing. This is not a Witches law/rule just for spells but the path you walk daily.  Never do a spell that will take away even a miniscule part of another person’s free will.

I ask each of you reading this to stop a thinking for a couple of minutes if any of you actions and/or words were harmful to anyone you came into contact with in the last couple of weeks. If you have I challenge you to live by the Reds and Threefold Law to take responsibility for the wrong you did and give the person or persons a sincere apology.

May you find love, happiness, peace, and harmony everyday.