Beltane is Unavailable Until Monday 7/29

Last Saturday I had a minor heart attack. This past Wednesday I started having some of the same symptoms so following doctors orders I have basically been doing nothing. This morning the symptoms worsened. I went to the Emergency Room and the doctor decided I need to stay in overnight this time so they can track something in blood that will tell them that either I had another minor heart attack or not and also if my heart is heading towards a worse one. I also found out having fibromyalgia combine with other things to a use a heart attack.

(FOR WOTC READERS – I am deeply sorry that I didn’t post anything for a few days and will not get anything posted until Monday. This is the only problem with being the only person posting on WOTC no one to cover it if I’m unable to.)

I am hoping there is a coven member that would be willing to fill in on Witches of The Craft website when I’m not able to post for some reason. Only restriction to applying to help me is you have got to be finished with NL 12 or higher lessons or be an adept or higher in the coven. If you are interested please send an email to To apply include the date your 1 year and 1 day started, the number of the last novice or adept lesson you completed and at least a good size paragraph on why you want to help. Basically the duties are making sure the current Moon phase, current planetary positions, horoscopes for the current date, love, and today’s your birthday. No need to panic I will email you the websites along with step by step instructions for each daily posting topic. We will discuss in real time in the chat room what are some of the other options in addition to those already listed that you could post about.

I ask you thank Priestess Hypatia of Alexandria for her devotion to the Coven Life website and coven. Without her Coven Life would not have had the wonderful, interesting, and informative posts its been having while I was getting my feet back on the ground and figuring out WOTC. My dearest Priestess Hypatia, I have told you this in private emails but it is long past time I say to you somethings publicly. You are my right-hand witch whether it be for something for our coven member, guest who come to gatherings, mentoring novices, taking over posting on the website, or almost anything else I have asked you for help with over the years. PH you supported me through a very turbulent time when my mom crossed and I was going close CL and my ear sister you have been here to help me, our coven, and students however and whenever we needs you. Thank you are so Wes that are way to small for the gratitude I feeling for you being brought into my life!

Got to go they’re here for me to be a pin cushion again…lol

Blessed be dear ones — Lady Beltane