Our “Justice System” is Unfair and Blind

Sorry, I would have gotten this up earlier in the day but just had the time now from an overly busy day to get to my emails. I just learned from a post on WOTC what happened at Lady Abyss’ courting hearing today.

If you remember approximately 5 weeks ago Lady Abyss for a job as wall around help at Kade, Lady Abyss’ familiar,  get office. Everything went well in the morning but all Hades broke loose after lunch when the owner/veterinarian attempt to take her when she refused to submit the vet hit her so hard across the face the rolling office chair went backwards into the wall and the vet was choking her. Needless to say Lady Abyss’ defended herself. Both she and the would be rapist were both arrested because when they arrived in the scene, the veterinarian office, she was in top of him hitting. It is not known what that caused her to react as strongly as she did because she had a black out probably becaus e of he head bouncing of the wall and being choked. She has no recall from the time her head but until the police arrived. To make a long story short when they individually appeared before the judge for bail the vet hit out on his own signature while Lady Abyss had to pay a $5000.00 cash bail. The judge who did this is a good friend of the best besides his grandson stalking Lady Abyss’ daughter years ago when she broke off her relationship with him. So by law the judge technically should have excused himself from all involvement in the case because of conflict of interest but  he did not do that. Also the attackers was taken to the hospital while Lady Abyss was seen for about 5 minutes in her jail cell even with the bump on her head and clear hand prints from being choked wear visible on her neck not to mention her other health problems.

Now because of the “good old boy” rules of having each other’s backs when Lady Abyss faced the same judge today the blindfold on Lady Justice definitely was tied so tight she could not see. Even though the vet did not show up in court to press for Lady Abyss being fined or imprisoned or both, in others words the so called injured person could not testify. But the state of Kentucky has decided to press charges anyway. She now has another court date in August.

I ask you to please keep praying, lighting candles, and think positive thoughts that when she goes back to court that the case is dropped since she was the person attacked and was arrested for defending herself. Ask that the scale of justice be truly balanced and the blindfold removed from those who are suppose to be advocates for the victim do what is right. Please write to Lady Abyss telling her of your support, love,  appreciate for all  we learn with her hard work on WOTC, and maybe mention something personal she has done for you either through a post or an email. You could throw a.joke in there too to show her it is good to laugh even through life’s most complicated and/or worse times of our life. I know she will appreciate hearing from each of you. The email to send your notes to is witches_of_the_craft@outlook.com. I’m the subject line please put “Personal for Lady Abyss. If you write a comment instead of sending an email. I will complied all of them into one email and send it out to her this coming Saturday. Let’s let our beloved sister know we stand with her to support, love comfort her whenever she needs it.

Thank you very much sisters and brothers of CL and WOTC in advance to those who take maybe 5 minutes out of their day to let our great, beloved Lady know you care.


12 thoughts on “Our “Justice System” is Unfair and Blind

  1. Thank you Lady Beltane for making this post. The lawyer, Lord Myst and Lady A were all stunned by the court’s prosecuting attorney’s decision to proceed with the trial. The lawyer had advised Lady A if the vet did not show up, then the case would be dismissed. I agree with you completely, it is the “good old boys” treatment in this area. I am afraid for Lady A when they go to trial. I am afraid they will send her to jail. With her medical condition, she would not last six months in there. I am not familiar with how the systems works. I do not know if they would let her continue her treatments or not. Either way, if she is sent to jail, it will be a death sentence for her. Prayers are needed now more than ever for Lady Abyss. Please do as Lady Beltane asked and continue to pray for Lady A and that the blindfold from Lady Justice will be removed. Thank you again Lady Beltane, you are a good friend and sister to our Lady. We all appreciate that.

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    1. Not a problem Lynette. I was so shocked and angered by the judges and prosecutors decided to go ahead with a trial I couldn’t sleep. I have a spell I plan on doing tomorrow that, well I won’t go into what the spell does here because it falls into the gray area of magic and I want the rebound effect to happen to me only if there is one.
      Blessed be to all of you that are living so close to our beloved Lady A,


  2. Lady Abyss, Kit.. darling sister.. you know that I’m holding you close and sending you so much good juju that this all be over and done with and in your favor.. a candle will be lit for you every day.. you’re surrounded by a group here that loves you dearly and sending positive energies… as for the other guy.. I hope you knocked his lights out.. (((hugs))) LOVEYABUNCHES.. celtie

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      1. Our precious sister has been thru far to much.. more than what anyone should have to and I’m worried about her.. This Full Moon night I want to do a working for her.. to not only lift her spirits bring her comfort and strength but also to surround her with protection.. and for the best outcome in this legal battle that she’s up against.. and when all is said and done, that she’ll know peace of mind.. I’ve known Lady A for a very long time .. love her so much ..


      2. Dear Celtie
        If you would like my coven to do the working for Lady A tomorrow, those of us who can would be happy to join you in our chat room at 7:00 PM CT as we have no gathering planned because we are doing a New Moon imitation ritual on June 3rd. Let me either here or email me ladybeltane@aol.com as soon as you can so I can send an email out to my coven to come to help empower your magickal working for our beloved Lady. I can also put a post up on WOTC for people to attend. The more witches empowering the same spell the stronger it will be!
        Blessed be,
        Lady Beltane

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      3. Lady Beltane.. I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner.. I work from home.. been working all weekend.. it was so thoughtful to offer and I feel badly for missing this… Last night the energy I felt with our Lady Moon was so wonderful and powerful.. I’m sure that others in the group included Lady A in their workings.. Brightest Blessings.. celtie


  3. I say that the court system is messed up; she shouldn’t had to go through that, actually the vet should’ve been the one with jail time and heavy fines- My heart really goes out to Lady Abyss.


    1. I totally agree but he seems to be hidung out somewhere since he didn’t show up to accuse her face to face. Wonder if he’ll show up in court to face the charges brought against him?


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