Week 20 – Goddess Knowledge – Mary

Mary is most closely allied to the Middle Eastern moon goddess; like them, she is a creator goddess. Associated with both the heaven and sea or other waters, she is worshiped by Catholics as the Moon of the Church and as “Stella Maris,” the Star of the Sea. The moment of annunciation is when she confronts the truth of her own grate creativity , symbolized by Gabriel, the angel of truth, made from fire. This is the moment at which she accepts the imperative to creat, the need to bring forth life from the very center of her being. Mary is the goddess as womb, as a source of all life and of regeneration. She is the mother of mercy and infinite compassion, the one we turn to in times of need. She is a reminder that compassion toward oneself fosters creativity; she reminds us to be gentle with ourselves.

This goddess brings about much debate between Christians ,especially Catholics, and pagans. The question that is at the center of this debatewas Mary really a pagan goddess reinvented to be the Christian’s mother of Jesus. The other side relying on the men who wrote the stories in the bible and than other men who decided what stories went into their bible of Mary being just a human picked to be impregnated by their God without actual intercourse with her and thus delivering the savior of man, woman, and child by praying for forgiveness and getting it for any wrong deeds or words.

For more information please use this link: https://www.bing.com/search?pc=GIWI&form=Silk12&q=pagan+goddess+mary

To see images please use this link: https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=pagan+goddess+mary&FORM=HDRSC2

4 thoughts on “Week 20 – Goddess Knowledge – Mary

  1. Yes I know a lot about Mary as my entire schooling was at a Catholic school. My teachers were mainly Nuns and Jesuit priests.

    Mary and what she represents is still very sacred to many pagans today too. Especially Kristopagans of which there are quite a few of in the pagan community.

    I know of two witches that use Mary as their Goddess because they see Mary in a different way than the Catholic Church certainly does. 😂 lol

    Great blog!

    Blessed Be & Namaste,🙏

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    1. To me, the mother Mary and Mary Magdalene are both important in my spiritual practice. I feel the two of them were downplayed by the men who decided what went into the bile and what didn’t. As we have lived in a piratical society for my centuries now most people have forgotten that many, many cultures and their beliefs were based on a matriarchal society.
      Thank you for your compliment CazWytch
      Blessed be & Namaste sister,
      Lady B


  2. Yes. Interesting the superimposition of beliefs and agendas when one considers similarities. The concept of goddess-mother is one which has been continually evolving, changing. From Tonantzin to Guadalupe to a more feminist representation of this combined deity. From the ME moon goddess to Mary. Continuity
    Thank you Lady Beltane.


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