Beltane/Samhain Sabbat Gathering April 30, 2019

This month’s Northern Hemisphere was written by and will be led by Lady Beltane. The Southern Hemisphere was written and will be led by Priestess Hypatia. The calling of the Watchtowers will be done by both. The circles will be cast at the same time for each hemisphere by the Elder that is leading it.


Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Social hour 6:00 to 6:59 PM Central Time

Sacred Circle cast at 7:00 PM Central Time


Coven Life’s Chatroom

Beltane or May Day – Is the Sabbat that celebrates fertility. We will be honoring Beltane/Beltain/Beltaine the May Queen, a.k.a. Queen of the Fairies, to bless our gardens of all kinds be they vegetable, flower, herb or a seed we plant within our spirit to help us grow as a person and witch. The Fea Folk take the essences of the food and drinks offered to them they do not have need of the physical item as they can recreate it from the essences when they have a use for it.

Samhain – As the third and final harvest. This Sabbat heralds the commencement of the dark winter half of the year. Traditionally the veil between the spirit and physical realm is thin. This is the time the Dark Mother (Crone) and Father (Her aged Consort) are paid due respect A candle is often placed in the window to assist the ancestors to find their way home and offerings of food left at the altar and the doorstep for the wandering spirits. With the coming of darkness, nothing is what is seems, therefore for your own protection, a concentrated circle should always be performed prior to performing any ritual.

Making your own Samhain Incense 

1 part Dittany (oregano from Crete that is thought to be highly protective)

½ part Pine

1 part Sandalwood

¼ part Patchouli

¼ part Benzoin Resin

Few drops of Pine oil

P.s- please feel free to be creative with whatever ingredients you have available.

Burn your incense on charcoal if you choose.

Burn this before, during and after the ritual if you choose.

What You Need in Northern Hemisphere:

Any type of bell – the louder the better

A Small Glass – Glass


1 ounce Warm Milk

1 small pad Melted Butter

1 teaspoon of Honey – if you have a beekeeper close by asking them or use are honey if possible

Mix in either one or all of these spices 1/2 teaspoon dried ground ginger or 2-3 thin slices of fresh ginger or 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg or 3 whole cloves Oh can also set these spices on the treat/offering plate separately

What You Will Need in the Southern Hemisphere

  • Black candle that represents the dying God OR a yellow candle inscribed with a solar symbol (sun)
  • Offerings of flowers, fruits and grains
  • Divination tools that can include tarot cards and runes, use others if you wish
  • Cornbread to offer to the spirit of the dead
  • Samhain incense above



Lady Beltane: We call Earth into the watchtower of the North to help to remember to always stay grounded.

Priestess Hypatia: We call Air into the watchtower of the East to help us keep an open mind when exploring and learning about different paths of witchcraft.

Lady Beltane: We call Water into the watchtower of the West to help to put us in someone else shoes to see things from their point of few when we are angry about something they had said or done to us.

Priestess Hypatia: We call Fire to the watchtower of the South to remind us to always keep kindness burning in our mind, heart, and spirit towards others in our minds.

Casting the Sacred Circles

Lady Beltane – Nothern Hemisphere: (Each time starting in the East) I walk this circle with Beltane the May Queen/Queen of the Fairies three times. First to close it with Fire that any negative thing will be burned up before it can harm those in this circle/ Second to close it with Air to blow away anything Fire has burned. Third to close it with Water so Fire cannot make it to hot in our circle. (Standing between the circle and altar facing North) Next, I lay my hands flat on the floor then stand slowly while slowing turning clockwise bring my hands to waist level – I call on Earth to protect us from below. Lastly, I raise my arms over my head and walk clockwise while bring them down to meet Earth at waist level – I call upon Spirit to protect us from above.

Priestess Hypatia – Southern Hemisphere: Cast your circle and build up your energy of protection around you, begin to burn your Samhain  Incense Invocation of the God and Goddess by saying:

‘As the veil between the two worlds thins, I ask for your blessing Dark Mother and Dark Father,

I greet those who have gone before me, my ancestors and loved ones.

May the circle only be entered by those who wish me well.

We greet all those departed before us and who are free of all Earthly ties.”

EVERYONE: Please type in your first or pagan name and what country or state you are from. DO NOT include your towns name, please.

Beltane Ritual – Northern Hemisphere

In your small glass mix together the milk, honey, spices, and melted butter. Now while ring your bell why you say:

We invite the Fea Folk into our yards and gardens to help our, plants and trees to grow.

To the Fea Folk that only have mischief on their minds, you are not welcome on my property or in my vegetable and/or flower pots.

We honor you Queen with this offering of milk, honey, butter and spices she enjoys as a sign of good faith that we will treat her people with respect and supply them with an offering every month that we have given to you, Your Highness.

Stop ring your bell for now. When you take the offering outside for the Fairy Queen after our circle has opened then ring the bell three times three waiting about 10 seconds in between the sets of three rings. Slowly pour the mixture under the tallest tree in your yard so that the last drop comes out on the last ring of the bell (the 9th ring). Every month when you take the offering out to the Fea Folk that are helping you ring your bell in the same way as you did to signal the Queen.

Samhain RItual – Southern Hemisphere

This is the time to spend a few moments thinking of your loved ones.

Then say:

“We thank you for your presence here tonight”

Next- Light the God candle

Then say:

“This candle symbolizes the Sun Lord- its passing and quenching. Tonight it is the wheel of the year turning allowing all you dead souls to walk amongst the living. We are grateful as we pass through and into the shadow of darkness. In honor of the Gods and Goddesses, we thank you for your glorious gifts received from the summertime. As the Lord of the Sun moves from us and as the wheel turns, so it will turn again until the Sun rises from the moon.”

Wait for 2 minutes contemplating the prayer and blow out the black God candle. Do not light the God candle until Yule.

Now acknowledge the Crone aspect of the Goddess and say:

“Oh, Great Goddess of both wisdom and magick speak to us of your power and wisdom.  We thank you and acknowledge your gifts of the decreasing moon and the glorious stars. They will be used wisely. Grant us your energy and force so that our spells, rituals and divinations will be enthused. Understand great Goddess that they shall bring no harm to your creatures.”

Dismiss the spirits and ancestors by saying: “Go in peace and aid us as we look beyond the long dark days.”

Afterward: Use your divination tools to gain perspective for the coming months, hold a simple feat, close the scared circle and finally bury the offerings in the earth and leave a plate of food for the wandering spirits.


Dismissing the Watchtowers

Northern also Dismissing Spirit and Earth

Opening the Circles

Lady Beltane – Final Blessing – We go in peace and harmony, though the circle is open our coven shall never be broken. Blessing of good fortune my dear Brothers and Sisters

Cleansing your Magical Tools

Since spring is a good time for cleaning up, I thought I would share with you how to cleanse the objects on your altar or any new items that you might want to add. This is a very important step to ensure that there isn’t any negative energy attached to the item, and to make it your own. If at all possible, I try to do this when it is a new moon, but you can cleanse whenever you feel you need to. Items that you wish to use on your altar are not the only things that you should cleanse. Jewellery, stones, amulets and anything that you will carry on you should be free of another’s energy and empowered with yours. As time passes, you may feel the need to “freshen up” and do a little spring cleaning with your special items. There are different ideas on the best way to cleanse. This is the method I like to use, but you can do what works for you. You can find other suggestions from many sources on online and in reference books.

What you will need:  dish of water (I like to use rain water), feather, white candle, and a small white cloth

Add salt to water. Place object in water or sprinkle water on all sides. Say 3 times “Earth and Water I ask you to remove all energy but my own from this ______________________.”

Place object on white cloth. Use feather to wave over object and say 3x  “Air, I ask you to remove all energy but my own from this ______________________.”

Light the candle. Hold object carefully above candle and say 3x “Fire, I ask you to remove all energy but my own from this ______________________.

Return item to white cloth. The cloth represents Spirit. Now ask Spirit 3x to remove all energy but your own from the item.

After the objects are cleansed lay them on the altar. Call upon the God or Goddess you feel comfortable with. While making the sign of the pentacle over each object say, “I call upon ________________ to bless and consecrate these items to be used in any magic I work or any ritual I perform. I ask Spirit, Water, Earth, Air ,and Fire to bless and consecrate these items to be used in any magic I work or any ritual I perform.

So Mote It Be!


A Witches Bag that reflects the Soul of her Ancestors.



28th April

Written for Coven Life

by Priestess Hypatia

As I reached into my Witch Bag hanging over my shoulder, to grab that essential something, it warmly reminded me of my grandmother Gigi who is in the Summerland’s.

She was a cumbersome Greek woman with long white braided hair that always and I mean always wore an apron, from the minute she woke up, till the time she was ready to go to bed.

The little I remember of her has left me with the warmest, funniest and kindest memories. Her perpetual apron was worn over her garments like a smock that tied at the back, it had a large pocket at the front that she would fill with what I thought were presents. Out would come dried herbs and flowers in what seemed little sachets, baby tortoise shells, coins, seed pods, old pieces of jewellery, old rings, pendants and broken chains, little pieces of net and even a small Icon of St Cyprion. She even had a dried cicada once, it was a bottomless pit.

Time went and I never really thought of it much, until recently that is when I reached into my Witch Bag.

Now as we know, it is nearly Samhain here in the Southern Hemisphere. A wonderful time where the Veil between the worlds is thin just enough for that extra communication between the here and the beyond. Looking at Gigi’s painting she reminded me of her little quirks, one of them was her pet crow BiBi in Greece. Not too many people had crows as pets, so it did seem strange. She was always telling BiBi off because she would steel her valuables and hide them in the roof. On the other hand BiBi would also leave gifts around the house that my Gigi thought was so auspicious and she would put them, you guessed it, in her apron pocket.  Every now and then my Grandfather was instructed by my Grandmother Gigi to raid BiBi’s nest and retrieve some of my Gigi’s valuables.

A couple of years ago I wrote an article here on Coven life about how to construct your own Witch Bag.

A Witch’s bag represents the soul of the Witch, it reflects her beliefs, her practice, and her attraction to the mysteries and unknown. A Witch is always looking for signs from here and the beyond. For my Grandmother Gigi it was from auspicious trinkets BiBi left behind and of course BiBi herself. Ornithomancy is divination through birds and when BiBi would screech or do something unexpected Grandmother Gigi would know exactly who was going to visit and even say what. ‘Ow your auntie Katina is coming to tell me her troubles’. As a young teen I thought that she was hilarious, well it’s not the case now! She was always spot on with the help of BiBi.

Ow I nearly forgot about the Icon in my Grandmothers pocket of St Cyprion.

St Cyprion was a magician that converted into a holy man by abandoning his magickal path and following the Christian faith. The irony is that there is still till this day in the Orthodox bible anti curse prayers a.k.a -spells that were written by St Cyprian himself.

I encourage you to also remember. Remember that the little things that you practice and that you believe came from your DNA, your blood line. You are all of your ancestors. We all have stories to tell whether they are passed down from words of mouth or trance. Never forget your story.