Common Name for April’s Full Moon is Pink Moon

The name Pink Moon comes from the pink flowers – phlox – that bloom in spring. Other names for this Full Moon are Sprouting Grass Moon, Fish Moon, Hare Moon, Egg Moon, and Paschal Moon.

This information is from The website has a lot of informationon about the Sun and Moon phases and the when the seasonal changes will happen. While your city might not be in their data base another town close to should be. If you live in a very rural area or outback or the Bush or whatever more isolated towns are called where you live lol up the closest major city to you. Then with knowing that time you can watch for the rising or getting Sun and know how many minutes to add or subtract to get the exact time for where you live. It might take up 2 or 3 complete Mon cycles before you get the slight time difference figured out.

When I was looking for the tie closest to me I notice something I found interesting April’s Full Moon this year is on the 19th at 6:12 AM Central Time zone and next year it is on the 7th at 9:35 PM Centrala Time zone.

I find it planetary movement helps me not only with spells and/or rituals it also helps me connect to different  Goddesses and Gods that I want. To know better. Especially the Dark Moon phase which comes 3 days before the New Moon through meditation I have found I can talk to my Spirit Guide, Goddesses, and God’s easier and better then during any other of its phases.