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As I have been working my way out of the hole I fell into with my depression and anxiety disorder, I have discovered a couple of new mystery authors. The book I’m just starting to read Taking Liberty by Keith Houghton on what is usually the dedication page a question appears instead. Before I give you the question that is asked I thought I would give you my answers first, “If it was for someone close to me I would gladly do it, especially for my grandchildren and other people younger than me that I love. If it was for an casual friend or a stranger, once again especially if they are young, I still probably would.”  r

Have I caught your attention ?

Are you curious of what the question is?

The question that appears as you begin reading this book is — “Could you give your life to save someone else?”

As a mother, grand mother, wife, and minister I like to think that I would definitely carry through with the answers I gave to this question. But one thing that is part of all animals, yes I’m including humans as animals, survival is a basic instinct woven into all our DNA. So I think unless we are actually in this position we do not really know what we are capable of. When men and women join their countries armed forces, every time a police officer or fire fighter,and any other first responders are called to a natural or unnatural disaster they go to work they go knowing they may never return home again.

As witches we do protection spells and make different styles of amulets or jewelry to give us a little more chance to come out of a bad or possibly fatal situation then other people. At least this is what I believe. I also believe no one no matter what their age is will cross into the Summerland before they are suppose to unless they choose to do so while saving someone else’s life.

So I ask you, “Could you give your life to save someone else?” Why or why not? Take the time to really examine what your heart, mind, and spirit would do.

Blessed be Sisters and brothers

5 thoughts on “A Thought for Today

  1. Hi Lady Beltane,
    This is one of those questions where different circumstances are considered and values evaluated. In the end, for me, it is a matter of instinct . I say this because I have been in situations where there was no time for thought or evaluation, just a gut reaction.

    I have been reading the “Sword of Avalon” and there is a moment toward the end of the book when Mikantor has to evaluate whether he should save men of an enemy tribe. There is a hesitation on his part but his value of human life supersedes political wrongs and he saves them. I believe for Mikantor it was his values and humanity that decided for him. Different from my own experiences.

    Luna Llena

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  2. Hi Lady Beltane,
    I’d like to think that I would be the same as you especially as I have 4 grandchildren myself now. Plus I’m in my mid 50s so I figure within a scenario like this? That I would definitely sacrifice myself for another. Especially when the person that one is saving is a lot younger than me too.

    However it’s in our DNA to survive no matter what. But I believe in the end a person with a strong sense of their own morals and spiritual beliefs would save another person’s life in the end. Sadly though not all people think of other’s needs first but quite often their own. That’s why there are so many problems in the world.

    Very interesting and thoughtful blog posts. As it’s a topic that I’ve sometimes raised with friends and family myself occasionally. Sometimes I’m thrilled by their wonderful replies and at rarer times I’m shocked by some of their answers too. However at least they are being honest and thoughtful when discussing this controversial topic.

    Blessed Be & Namaste,🙏

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  3. I would give my life in place of most anyone. If the option is there than it is meant to be. The only thing I fear that concerns death is how my daughters would cope. They have lost so many they loved and needed in this life already.

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  4. I asked my husband today if I had some type of terminal medical problem if I was in unbearable pain would he help me give myself extra medication so I could cross the veil instead of suffering? This question came about because of a scene in another book I just got through reading. He said yes but than to lighten the mood he said he just take me out back and put me on a Pete to save regular defamation costs. I just busted out laughing because our towns fire chief lives 2 doors down from us and we live in an urban area only 1 1/2 from a major interstate in one direction and another IL rollaway in the other direction. Needless to say he was very uncomfortable with my question but answered it honestly.

    Blessed be CazWytch and Valerie and Luna Lena


  5. I think I would do it without thinking about it, just react. I would like to think we all would do whatever we could to save another.


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