A Catch Up From Lady Beltane

I thought it would be nice to let you know I’m doing better and will be back on April 8th. I’m using my time away to come back to being.The frienf, sister, teachet, and a stronger leader. I’m going back to my foundation as a witch to make sure it is solid again both magickally and especially spiritually.

My heart over flows with love.and gratitude for the love and support from all of you my dear brothers and sisters.l

I am very grateful to Lady Abyss for helping me by doing post on CL with all the work she already has running the WOTC website and store.

I am so thankful that my right-hand witch Priestess Hypatia had the time in her busy schedule and the willingness to take on the day to day running of Coven Life.website and novice students.

I also wanted to inform you that Life in The Craft Newsletter is no more as we have had zero interest from.anyone wanting to subscribe to it. It was a thought and experiment that has failed. I’m order to justify spending the time it takes to research,write and layout the newsletter we need at minimum of ten subscriptions.

With love and blessings to you my dear brothers and sisters,

Lady Beltane

One thought on “A Catch Up From Lady Beltane

  1. That is to bad. I thoroughly enjoyed the information in the first one. I liked that it had different writers and different ideas. I am glad you are taking the time you need to recoup. So often we forget about taking care of ourselves.


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