Your Past Lives Tarot Card for March 28 is The Chariot

Past Lives Tarot Card for Today

The Chariot










Choosing the Egyptian ruler card represents the presence of one of the pharaohs in your life. The Egyptian pharaohs dedicated their lives to reincarnating from the dead into a living and worthy vessel. Their presence ties you directly to the mystical, because the Egyptians believed that reality was just a reflection of a metaphysical journey through the paradise of the departed. The pharaoh is the living bridge between the two worlds and when one is with you, you are blessed to bring heaven to Earth.

Relationship going nowhere?

Your Daily Tarot Power Card for March 28th is The Judgment

Your Daily Tarot Power Card

The Judgment










The Judgment card is a sign of rebirth in your life. The good news is that you’re going to have a second chance. This might mean redemption from any past wrongs that you feel you’ve done, or just a chance to reinvent yourself. The bad news is that this transformation can be uncomfortable as you follow a call that you’ve been ignoring for some time. Forgiveness of yourself and others is going to be a key part of this process.

Is your relationship worth fighting for?

Your Daily Tarot Love Card for March 28 is The Sun

Daily Love Tarot

The Sun

Has someone promised too much and delivered little lately? If so, that someone lacks integrity. Promises that aren’t kept erode trust and trust is critical. You can’t ignore the fact that their actions do not match their words. The first caveat is to avoid being seduced by what someone is saying as they talk their way into your emotions. The second, and the advice now, is to step back and analyze the situation.

Your Tarot Card of the Day for March 28 is The Pope

Your Tarot Card of the Day

The Pope










Keywords: teaching, school, blessing, ritual, marriage, acting!

Astrological Correspondence: Taurus

As a priest, the Pope, or Hierophant, represents traditional values and moral development. He is the wise teacher or counselor guiding groups or collectives on their path in search for spiritual truth or meaning. Depicted as a religious figure in ceremonial vestments he interprets secret mysteries, divine law, and theological doctrine. Although this card implies that he is linked to the church, the Pope signifies not only organized religion but also focus on groups in general, such as schools, teams, companies – any group with fixed roles and assigned responsibilities. The Pope is a symbol for rules, procedures, structure, and ritual, creating harmony within groups and staying their course so they can find identity and progress as a whole. The negative imagery symbolizes dogmatism and inflexibility, extreme conformity, or conventionalism.

Before We Greet This Beautiful Spring Morn,’ I Would Like To Ask You To Do Something

Good morning to all the Coven Life’s members! It is a beautiful Spring morning here in Kentucky. I hope you are experiencing the same glorious morning that the Goddess has bestowed upon us. As I just got through telling the WOTC, there is something I have been aiming to do and my aim has been a little off these days, lol! But seriously, you all know Lady Beltane has took a week or two off because she is suffering from depression. I talked to her yesterday and she seems like she is improving. Before that, the last conversations I had with her, I could tell there was something wrong. I just couldn’t pinpoint it. I am so glad and relieved that she found out what the problem was and is now getting treatment for it.

I have known Lady B for several years but really it seems like a lifetime. I was the one who talked her into opening this site. I think she has done a wonderful job here and she still has lots more to accomplish. She is a great person, fabulous friend and a dearly, beloved sister. Our friendship has developed into more than just that, I now consider her a dear sister and a member of my immediate family. I know with the pressure of running a site and then some of the antics I can pull, no wonder she is suffering from depression. I feel partly to blame because she is a very caring person. In case you don’t know how caring she is, I will tell you. I have a very rare blood disease. I needed an experimental medicine just to live, without it the doctors had given me about three weeks to live. A fund raiser was started to get the funds I needed for the medicine. The medicine itself was $700 and some odd dollars. When I finally talked to her, she asked me if we had raised enough money for the medicine. I told her, “yes, we had,” and in the nick of time. I had only three days left to live if I didn’t get the medicine. She told me she called to see if I had gotten the money, if not she was going to take a mortgage out on her house to help me get that medicine. Can you believe that? It is totally true. You don’t meet people like that very often in this world like her. You don’t know how special she really is and how lucky you are to have her. She will probably kill me for telling you what I have told you but frankly I don’t care. I want you to know what a very special Lady she is and a Lady she is. She is a wonderful teacher, mentor, friend and sister. I know I don’t tell her enough how much I appreciate her and all the things she does for the boys and myself. There has never been a time since I have known her, she has not helped me out in anyway she can. She is a selfless individual, she gives you her all.

When she comes back, take a moment just to tell her thank you for all she has done for you. Tell her you love her as a sister or mentor. Show her that you appreciate her because you don’t realize how lucky you are to have her. I know personally, she will deeply appreciate it. Now what I really would like for you to do, is take a moment out of your day to light a candle and say a prayer for her. Ask the Goddess for her speedy recovery, to give her strength to conquer this illness and return to us healthy and stronger than ever. It doesn’t take much time or effort to light a candle and say a little prayer especially when it comes to someone as special as Lady B. Please do so every day till she returns to us.

Thank you and May the Goddess bless you & yours,

Lady of the Abyss

Witches of the Craft