Well I definitely know how to get you to reply now, lol!

If you can help Lady Abyss in anyway with this new website either comment on the list on WOTC not here in Coven Life or email her at witches_of_the_craft@outlook.com. This website cannot only have an impact on political issues but also allowing the world to see the Pagan/Witch community in a more positive way. -Lady Beltane

Witches Of The Craft®

I sincerely appreciate everyone who replied to my post yesterday. I have collected all the topics and now have a list of what to put on our new site. Seriously, let’s talk. This new endeavor is going to take work if we are going to accomplish anything. I don’t mean just make a little dent in whatever topic we go after, I mean make a huge impact. For that to happen, it is going to take all of us. I can’t do this by myself nor can the WOTC. I need all the followers of the WOTC everywhere to get involved. We need various contacts for various agencies. We need people all over the country to tell us what is going on in your area. We need names of politicians or individuals who might be discriminating against the gay community for example. We need names of people who might not…

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