Hate to Interrupt but I thought you might like to know…..

The WOTC is launching a new site, The United States Pagan Alliance. Details to follow below:


Blessed Be

I hope everyone is doing great this Friday morning. It is Friday, isn’t it? I am hoping like heck it is or else I have lost a day some place. We are running on an abbreviated schedule this morning. I hope you don’t mind. In fact, you seemed to enjoy it the other day, lol! But seriously, I have got to take the pup to the vet this afternoon and a few other things to get done. Life calls, what can I say?

As far as our new site is coming, it is coming. It is going to be a monster of a site too. Oh boy, is it ever. First of all, you know I suggested a new name for the site, The United States Pagan Alliance Network. Well, I guess the site I am building it on is a lot smarter than I am. I put the new name in and it kept kicking me back to “The United States Pagan Alliance.” I fought the website several times and the same thing kept happening, The United States Pagan Alliance. I finally gave up and decide what the heck the site was smarter than I was. Our new site’s name is officially “The United States Pagan Alliance.” I researched that name and no other site on the internet has that name so we are safe on that front. I had one lady comment from Mexico and I know I will probably hear from some in Canada about issues they want addressed. But somewhere along the line, I believe they feel since it is called “The United States…..” that we would not include them. I hate to tell you, you are wrong. As close as these two countries are to us, we would gladly extend our reach to you. So there is no problem there and I am sure the rest of the WOTC would agree with me. The only thing I ask is that you keep us abreast of the issues in your country.

I do like the new name of the site. It sounds official and it sounds like we are a powerful organization, which we will become eventually. I have found out all goods things do not happen overnight. You have to keep working at them and working at them. I said I wanted a name that you not only liked but I could really sink my teeth into, this one I can. I need your help though, this site has so many diverse topics on it, we need writers. When I say writers don’t run off on me. If you are familiar with one of the topics below and would like to write an article or viewpoint on the topic, we would love to have you. You don’t have to write a daily article, you can write a weekly article or even a monthly article. Let us know what is going on in your community that we need to be made aware of. You will find below a list of topics that are going to be addressed on the site, if any of them grab you and you want to write, feel free to let me know. We already have one writer who is writing a political article for the site and boy, do I love it. It is about one of my favorite politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York. I can’t help it, I associate that woman with farting cows, gee whiz! She wants to send us back to the stone age with her “New Green Deal,” in case you are not familiar with her, you will be.

Now on to the list of topics that are going to appear on our site so far. If there are any I have left out or any others that you can think of that need to be addressed, let me know. Remember this is your site. Here are the topics(oh, and they are in no particular order at this time):

Hatred & Bigotry

Human Rights

Homeless & Hunger

Gay Rights

Child Welfare

Veterans’ Affairs

Environmental Issues

National Disasters

Animal Rights

State by State Concerns

Women’s Rights

Men’s Rights


National Security

Media Bias

Internet Scams

News Worthy Items of the Day??? (in other words got a shorter name for it?)

Tell me what you think. If you have a better name for some of these topics, I want to hear them. These are not set in stone yet so there is plenty of time to change any of them. Also if you want to add any to the list, feel free. Be glad to have them. I hope you, guys and gals are ready for this. Remember it is going to take all of us to make this happen. Another idea, if you are in a Pagan group or site, tell them about this new site launching and what it is going to involve. I know what most of them are going to say already, “the last time we mixed Politics with Religions, we got burned.” First of all, It isn’t going to happen this time, we have learned from our past. You ought to know me by now, I have the Burning Times scorched in my memory and I will not let that happen. Second, we are not a Political site, we are an Activism Site, Third, there are more Pagans in this nation than any other religion and that is a proven fact. More people are giving up on mainstream religions and coming to the faith-based ones more than ever now. Our numbers are enormous. We are now a forced to be reckoned with. We must always remember our past, never forget who we are and that we have issues and concerns just like everyone else. It is past time for our voice to be heard.  Remember that.

One more thing and I swear I will hush and get to work or else I will never get the pooch to the vet…………

It is International Women’s Day

Go do something nice for that special lady in your life today. Bring her breakfast in bed, a rose, just something to show her that you appreciate all she does for your everyday.


Have a very bless Friday, my dear sweet family,

All my love,

Lady of the Abyss

Yeah, I know, I promised I would hush but I forgot something. If you are interested in contributing to the new site you can email us at:


2 thoughts on “Hate to Interrupt but I thought you might like to know…..

  1. Greetings Lady Abyss,
    As High Priestess of Coven Life’s school and coven I want you to know we are 100% with you on this new website. During our open chat tomorrow I will ask all who attend to keep their eyes and ears open to be able to pass on information relative to new WOTC branch site. I personally will send things I find about animals no matter what species if there is any kind of ongoing mistreatment. I will also start posting to my blog on Fact vs Fiction in the Pet Industry on it I cover many topics it also includes how meat goes from good or feet or fins to table. If I can’t find it because I haven’t posted to it in 3 years, my focus was on my students and coven and this website, I will start a new site because I know I still have most of my sources bookmarked.
    Blessing to you and the rest of WOTC for once again blazing a trail for us.

    Peace and love ya,
    Lady B


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