Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck – German theoretical physicist

Albert Einstein – German-born theoretical physicist

Erwin Schrödinger – Austrian Physicist

Werner Karl Heisenberg – German theoretical physicist

Max Born – German physicist and mathematician

The four men that I’ve named, amongst others, are the main figures regarding Quantum Mechanics which is an application of the mathematical sort of the Quantum Theory that expounds upon the fact that energy is matter. To break it down, everything is made of energy, and that includes us.

With that being said, we can now get on with the subject at hand, which is grounding.

Our body always have a flow of energy running through and around it.  That is what helps us to exist.  Sometimes, especially after doing a magickal work, our bodies are teaming with energy that is surging through and around us.  If you don’t ground yourself after every ritual & spell…

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