Is Witchcraft Real?

Witchcraft has been practiced all over the World, in one form or another, for thousands of years, but is witchcraft real? Deciding if something is real or not requires evidence and facts, but as Witchcraft is a religion nowadays, it could also be argued that belief itself is enough to make it real. I will outline the more common points of view and present some facts on this page. I will also cover a little bit about Magic and Spells and whether there is actual magic being practised within Traditional Witchcraft and the more modern Neopagan varieties. There are a wide variety of spells we would love to be able to cast ourselves, from making someone love us to making obscene amounts of money, and anything in between. More on this subject after a brief history lesson. Is Witchcraft Real? History is a Good Place to Start Traditional Witchcraft reveres…

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