A Thought for Today

I live in one of the Midwestern states in the USA. The main largest city is Chicago people from this area have a saying, “If you don’t like the weather just wait it’ll change in 10 minutes. ” While this is obviously an tall tale our weather can change rather quickly sometimes affecting people with some health issues not all of which can be seen by others but are still felt by people with them.

So for today’s thought I would like you to think about how you think of and treat people you know with health issues and/or disabilities that are not apparent when you look at someone such as in a wheel chair. I personally have a disability and health problems effected by the weather changes amongst other things and have been told many times by friends and family to quit faking it or sick it up you can’t be in that much pain or depressed.

Put yourself in the place of someone with unseen disabilities and/or health problems. As a witch or pagan you may offer to do a healing spell or empower a candle or something else with healing. Which is great for the magickal side of your journey. But what about the spiritual side? Will you show empathy, offer to help them with shopping or cleaning house or some other thing it is difficult for the person to do without expecting anything but a thank you in return?

One thing I have always tried to do since I was a novice was to help others when I could do what they needed help with. Now that I am the person that needs others help with things sometimes I have found that the Threefold Law is not just a thing to keep us from doing something nasty to a person but it something that actually happens. People I’ve helped in the past and at times people I either just met or passed in a store have offered to help me from reaching for an item in a store to my husband taking over part of the household chores.

In others words don’t judge a person by what you see on the outside because you never know what health or emotional or mental problems may be hiding underneath their skin.

Be kind to even stranges that you see by giving them a smile and say hi. You never know that just might save a person’s life. I feel this falls with in the short modern version of the Wicce Rede, “Do as you will as long as it harms none.”

Blessed be dear ones.