We will be Back Monday and Life in The Craft Newsletter Update

With Lady Beltane not having a good late fall and early winter health-wise and Priestess Hypatia raking some time off for spiritual retreats there are things on the site Lady Beltane needs to change and/or fix. Since she is not a wiz at this like Lady Abyss. Lady Beltane is going to give herself two days to accomplish what she wants to do on the website.

Also, my computer ate a half-finished document that was supposed to be the FREE sample issue of Life in The Craft Newsletter the bi-monthly publication written by pagans for pagans. Now I need to redo the part that went somewhere in cyberland and to hopefully get it finished off so we can have it in your inbox on March 1 or 2, 2019. If you are a Coven Life student you will automatically be sent a copy. If you are not a student but still would like a copy please send an email with your e-address in the body of the email to LifeinTheCraft@outlook.com. The Life in The Craft Newsletter will be in a PDF Format that you can download to your computer and then print off whatever pages you want or the entire thing. The issue coming out the beginning of March 2019 is the only free issue we will be offering. The subscription rates are $4.00 USD per bi-monthly issue or you can choose to pay $20.00 for 6 bi-monthly issues per year (which means you pay for 5 issues and get the 6th issue free). Every bi-monthly issue will contain information and a simple ritual for whichever Sabbats will fall during those two months for both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, a couple of spells, and informative, interesting articles covering many traditions of Paganism, a page with advertisements for other pagan sites and information (we hope). In different issues, articles, spells, recipes, book reviews of reference books and fictional books with that portray witches in a positive way, poems, articles, maybe a word search or crossword puzzle was written not by just Lady Abyss and Lady Beltane but by guest authors and scribers to the newsletter.

Again if you want a copy of the FREE sample issue of Life in The Craft Newsletter emailed to you please write us at LifeinTheCraft@outlook.com be sure to include your email address in the body of the email. Thank you