Getting Started With Pendulums for Divination Magic

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Pendulum are fascinating instruments with complex magical properties. A pendulum mysteriously connects the unconscious and the conscious. It bridges the divide between the physical and spiritual planes, which makes it the perfect tool for divination magic.

As long as the pendulum string is taut and the weight is free of any negative energies that would interfere with its connection to the astral world, you will be able to use it to see beyond the realms of your everyday conscious mind. However, it takes a knowledge of the magical properties of pendulums and practice to use it as a divination tool.

How Can You Use a Pendulum as a Divination Tool?

The pendulum can see many things, but sometimes the revelations are vague. An inexperienced diviner could spend hours trying to seek answers with pendulum magic, with little success. Then they unexpectedly receive a flash of clarity, which gives them an…

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A Chuckle for Your Day

This Chuckle for Your Day is geared more towards our readers in the USA.

If my brain is mush after doing our income taxes today, I’ll post the Goddess Knowledge card tomorrow. Wish me luck this is an annual chore I dislike doing even when I went to college to become an accountant and then getting my Tax Preparers ID. Which thankfully has expired so all those “friends” who came to me to do their taxes for a small fee, which they took to mean free, have not called me in 2 years for tax preparation. Now do get mine and my hubby’s’ done today.

I sincerely hope you get to do something a lot more fun then what I have to do.

Blessed be dear ones.