A Thought for Today

Many of you know about the recent shut down of the USA Government, part of that shut down included the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Since only parts of the USA government have been recalled to work now it is about for 6 weeks we gain face the truth that more Americans can get very ill possibly fatally with the FDA only concentrating it’s few workers in what is considered by the agency as high risk. So while this cartoon may give you a chuckle it is also here to remind you our voices speaking as one to get the government that is supposed to be for the people back on the right track again. Remember to write to your districts congressperson and your state senators demanding the work for all the people in their district and state no matter whether the person voted for them or not is a babe in arms or a person nearing the end of this lifetime. It is time these officials start taking care of our citizens instead of those half-way across the world. Do not get me wrong I believe in helping those that need it in other parts of the world too but remember the old saying, “Charity begins at home.” In this case “home” is the United States of America,

Also, write to your state’s and county elected officials that have the ability to change and/or modify laws. No one in the United States should ever go to bed hungry or without a warm and at least semi-comfortable to lay their head at night, to be able to shelter from bad weather (snow storms, extremely cold or hot temperatures) thunderstorms, etc).

One person’s letter can make a teeny difference but thousands of letters can and should make a big difference in how our elected officials run our country and states. Let our voices be heard from, Alaska, Hawaii, and all 48 contiguous states, as one for the betterment of the country we live in and the people who need help to build or re-build a better life. Are we not the “land of opportunity?”

4 thoughts on “A Thought for Today

  1. Sad that we can cross oceans and help others but they ignore the needy here at home, I’m not saying we shouldn’t do whatever we can to help everyone in need but it seems like the powers that be could care less about the little guys. Somethings gotta give!

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    1. Let your voice be heard through calling and emails and email mail letters and at election time telling the elected officials starting with the town/village/city and state you live in and continue with the people who are supposed to represent the federal district, the senators from your state, and the vice president that you are tired of how they are running this country into the ground. Also let the egotistcal, in my opinion, President know he is really not “Making America great again.”


  2. We are in a similar situation in the UK, the politicians can’t sort out Brexit. There are many people here unsure of whether they will be able to get life saving medicine after March 29th. We have an organisation here called the peoples vote who are trying to pressure the Government to hold another vote or at least put the date back until they have a plan . You are right we have to make our voices heard as we are the ones effected not those in power.


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