Notice From Lady Beltane, “Brrrr, it is cold here!”

I have just talked to Lady Beltane and she wanted me to relay a message to all Coven Life members. That her internet is down because of the cold snap at her home. It is minus 23 degrees currently at her house and the cold snap has interrupted her internet service. She contacted her provider and it won’t be to Friday till someone is sent out to fix it.

Blessed be dear ones,

Lady Beltane

via Lady of the Abyss


2 thoughts on “Notice From Lady Beltane, “Brrrr, it is cold here!”

  1. at least it is not -23 in her house, hope everyone stays warm and well that is being effected by this cold snap, -9 here for me. thank you Lady A for the info



    1. You are more than welcome. Stay warm and bundled up, well that was then, not now. For the next few days, we are suppose to have temps in the 70’s around here. I can’t believe this weather and they wonder why the flu is running rampant this year. Take care of yourself and avoid crowds. I already had the flu and it almost killed me.
      Have a very blessed Imbolc,
      Lady A


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