A Thought for Today

These are only a few quotes by Dr. King if you would like to read more of them click on this link: Dr, Martin Luther King Jr Quotes

When I was in a speech class in college we had to choose any topic we wanted to give a 7-minute speech on. I chose to write and give a speech on how just 1 person can change the world. I used Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Hitler. Both men changed the world in different ways forever. PArt of my speech included how Dr. King’s followers mourned his death at the time and in some ways we still mourn him. While on the other side Hitler people even the ones he trusted most were glad he died.

America and other countries still have a ways to go until we come to a point of there being no discrimination towards anyone no matter what their sexual preference is, what religion they follow, what color their skin is, how fat or skinny a person is, whether they wear glasses or not. I could go on with this list but I want you to think and dig deep into your mind to find out who you think of as not being an equal to you because we all to some extent discriminate against a person or group of people whether we do consciously or unconsciously. I feel we are at a crossroads and have the chance to bury all our negative feeling of discrimination.

Every day for the next 7-days take a piece of paper no matter what size it is and write down everything you know you discriminate against. Take your time doing this as it will help to cleanse your spirit and some chakras as well. On the 8th day either tear your papers into tiny pieces or burn them in your cauldron or whatever you have that you can burn them but be able to collect the ashes. Now go to a crossroad if you can bury them if can’t bury them just pour them out of the container onto the middle of the crossroads. DO NOT LOOK BACK look to the now and the future to start helping to wipe discrimination off the face of Mother Earth.

One final thing to think about if everyone everywhere believes that everyone else is equal to them there would be less need for military personnel because there would be fewer wars and/or terrorist attacks. There would also be a world that could once again find how to live in harmony with Mother Earth and all living things.

Blessed be dear ones.


One thought on “A Thought for Today

  1. This is a fantastic idea. I do my best to remind myself that I have no right to judge others. but I find that I do. This will open us all up to our abilities the best Human we can be.

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