A Few Words About Our New Organization, Pagans for Political Change

I had several things I was suppose to get done for today and well, just didn’t get them done. I did get the new banner and logo for Pagans for Political Change made and it will be up sometime this day, I hope. I also wanted to add a page here(The WOTC) and a page at Coven Life to explain just exactly what our new organization would be involved in and some of its main objectives. Don’t let the name fool you, it will be involved in other activities besides politics. There is a lot in this world that needs to be changed and I believe we can make a difference in these areas. So after the shut down is over, the organization will still be going strong.  There is more than just politics wrong in our country.

But my main point right now….. if you would like to help start building the fund for the displaced government workers, you will find a PayPal button below so you can do just that. Hopefully by the end of the day, I will have banners up on both sites that gives you a permanent  spot to make your donations. I should also add that Pagans for Political Action is an open organization. What does that mean? You have a blog, website, podcast, FaceBook page, whatever, you are more than welcome to join us. The more the merrier and the more we get to join the greater the impact we will have on the issues we plan to address. The topics we decide to address, you will have a voice in those decisions. We plan on having meetings every three months to discuss new issues or ideas that might need our attention. So you will have a voice in this organization and that is only fair. That is just one of the ground rules we have put in place for Pagans for Political Action. As I mentioned yesterday, we need your help. We not only need donations to help out the government workers but we also need help in spreading the word that this organization now exists. Once I get the banner up, I would appreciate it, if you grabbed it and run with it. Take it to every social media outlet you are connected with. This is not just an organization with two people making all the decisions for it, you will have an active involvement in it, I swear.

I sincerely hope we can count on you. We want this to work for everyone. I mentioned that this organization will continue after the shut down. One thing I would like to do is have enough funds raised in case a family is facing hardship due to the economy and needs to buy groceries, they can come to us. They need help paying their light bill, they can come to us. We not only want to be politically involved, we wanted to be involved in the community as well. This is way off topic but I would like to see us tackle the Veteran’s care in our country. I had the opportunity to visit a Veterans’ hospital and it broke my heart. I talked to one Vet and he had been there overnight waiting to see a doctor. That is a disgrace. These men and women fought for our freedom and they are treated like this, BULL! This is just an example of one of the many issues we can tackle but again, we need your help to make this organization work.

One last word and I will give you the donate button and hush…..I know most Pagans are leery about coming out in the open because of the stigma that has been associated with us for so long. Whether you come out and use your real name or a fake one, it is up to you. We just want you involved. Also with an organization like this and the public sees what good it is doing, we will wash away some more of that stigma. We have fought for years to erase all the old myths and stereotypes associated with us. I will be the first to tell you, it ain’t easy but it has to be done. I have stood and been called everything in the book. I have been so angry and upset about these confrontations that I wanted to blow. But I didn’t because I would have been playing right into their hands. I stood my ground and to my dying day, I will stand my ground. I was alone and by myself. You have one advantage I didn’t, you won’t be by yourself. You will have many of us with you. So if the idea of coming out and joining Pagans for Political Changes has stopped you because of that, don’t let it. We all knew there would be a time when we would have to come out and let our voices be heard. Now is that time, now is the time to take action, let our voices be heard and take a stand for what we believe in and what is right. The time for talk is over, now it is time to take action. I have my battle scars and it won’t be easy but then again anything worth fighting for and you believe in, never is.

Remember one of the WOTC’s favorite sayings…..

Witches, Wiccans, Pagans,

We Stand As One.

Thank you and I love you all,

Lady of the Abyss


Like to help us get our relief fund up and running. Any amount helps these families in need, give what you can. A dollar, five dollars, ten dollars or whatever you can give will be appreciated when your family is facing possible eviction or hunger. I know they will definitely appreciate it and we will also.



Remember Pagans for Political Change has two overseers to make sure the money goes directly to those who need it. Also I am not sure how this PayPal account will open up for you to donate, it might say Coven Life on it. If it does, when you go to make your donation to the relief fund just put in the comment section that the donation is designated for the government workers’ relief fund. Thank you!


*AFTER THOUGHT* I ran this idea by Lady Beltane yesterday. If the shut down doesn’t end soon, they we designate a meeting area, rent a bus and go to Washington. The organization pays for the bus and one meal. Then we do a little peaceful protesting in front of Congress. Now wouldn’t that be a site. I know it would be one I would love to see. We could have a good time meeting each other and at the same time raising hell at the government.

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