Good Afternoon Dear Brothers & Sisters of the Craft! Hope you are enjoying your beautiful Sunday afternooon!

celtic blessings
How are y’all doing this morning? I hope super. Enjoying a nice relaxed Sunday morning with family and friends. Oh, if life could always be that simple. But unfortunately, it is not. Yesterday, as you remember, I mentioned starting a fund for all the government workers that were currently effected by the shut-down in the States. In twenty-four hours things have picked up and starting to roll. I know I haven’t listened to the News this morning but I do know all the politicians went home for the weekend instead of staying in Washington and trying to end this mess. They never cease to amaze me, go home to their million dollar homes while the rest of the 800,000 people in this country are out of work, wondering when they are going to get paid and how long this shut down is going to last. Instead of staying in Washington and pretending, because that is what I believe they all do, pretend to care about the American people. If they really cared, they would be in Washington trying to come to some kind of compromise to open the government back up and get the federal workers their paychecks. But do they do that, NO! Actual proof they don’t give a damn about the federal employees, their families or anything else, except themselves.

This whole ordeal has left a very bitter taste in my mouth and it should have done the same to you. Maybe you haven’t stopped to think about it because the shut down doesn’t effect you but it will. It is called the “trickle down effect.” I am getting ready to paint a very grim outlook on all of this, so reader beware. It has already been stated that both sides are in this mess for the long haul. The shut down could end tomorrow (which is doubtful) or it could end in a couple of years. Can you imagine if this goes on and on for years what shape this country is going to be end? I can and it a horrible image that is burned into my mind. The government workers can’t pay their rent, so they are put on the streets. They can’t buy their needed food for their children, the children and families go hunger. Since the federal employees are losing their homes, the banks start to go under. Since they can’t feed their families, the crime rate goes up. You know well as I do when it comes to our children and our families that no one is going to stand by and watch them sleep on the streets or let alone go hungry. So people are forced to do whatever it takes just to survive. When all this happens the United States has gone to hell and we are a third world country. It is sad to even to begin to think that is what things might come to in this country. But it is a reality and a very sad one. We have to try and stop this from happening. That is one of the reason I suggested that we start the fund-raiser for the federal workers.

Since yesterday, Lady Beltane has agreed to let us use the magazine’s PayPal account. You might be wonder why I didn’t want to use ours, simple again. First, ours is a business account and we get charged a percentage of every dollar that comes into our account. The people we raise the money for wouldn’t be getting the true amount that is intended for them. Since we want the funds we raise to go to the families that need it, I don’t want PayPal getting a dime of their money. Second, if Lady Beltane hadn’t came on board with this idea we would not be doing this fund-raising attempt at all. Why? Because I have headed several various organizations over my lifetime. I have took over those organizations after the previous administration had drained their bank accounts, took every dime and then left the organization. Due to this fact, I learned early on, when you do something like this you have two involved overseeing where the money goes. Both have to sign off on where the money is going and the money cannot be touched without both of them agreeing on this. It is an insurance policy not only for the people raising the money but for the people receiving the money. I wanted someone outside of the WOTC to join in this fund-raiser and there would be no questions asked that the money would be reaching the people it was suppose too. The WOTC will sponsor it along with Coven Life and I guarantee you I will be out their hustling for this effort but I wanted an outside party in with us before we ever started it. Now we have that outside party, Lady Beltane.

As the days go on, we will have people contact us or email us and need help. You don’t have to worry, we won’t reveal your name or any personal information. You will be given a number and you will be identified by that number. We will have your information on file and if any questions ever come up about where the money went, we will then disclose where the money went to the inquiring party. We will protect your privacy every way we can. The WOTC and myself have always been open and honest with its members and followers. We have been on the internet close to 20 years now. You don’t stay on the internet that long and pick up as many followers as we have by being dishonest. I always try to put every safeguard in place when raising money and I am extremely diligent when it comes to raising funds going out to needy people. So as time drags on and these workers need our help, I want us to be there for them. I want them not to worry about coming and asking for help. But there is one catch, we can’t pull this off without you. The poll that we took yesterday indicated that most of you are for this fund-raising effort, which I was very pleased and surprised by. I don’t know why I was surprised, there has never been a time when a need occurred that the WOTC didn’t rise to the occasion.

Back to the issue at hand, I am going to get all the information from Lady Beltane today about Coven Life’s PayPal account. As you read, she has agreed to keep the records of the donations and also to whom the money goes. She can work the books and I will work the crowds. We will both have control over the money and it will not be touched to we both agree on how it is being issued. Now we need your help. As this shut-down continue and drags on for no telling how long, people are going to start to get in a financial bind. No money coming in, you can’t make your house payment, you can’t feed your family, you can’t buy the necessities of life or meet your electrical bill or heating bill to keep your family warm. When that happens I am sincerely hoping we will have the funds to assist these families. We can’t do it without you and I cannot emphasis that enough. We not only need donations but we need our fund-raiser spread across the internet. If you have your own site, please announce it there. If you have a Facebook account, let it be known there. No matter how little or great your social media outlets are, let our fund-raiser be known on your site. It is going to take more than a handful of people to make this happen.

I am going to work on a banner that goes along with this fund-raiser. It will include what we are trying to do, who we are trying to do it for, the PayPal address  and any other important information I feel we need on this banner. It will also have our new organization’s title. I mentioned it yesterday and told you I would give you details on it later. Well I don’t have all the details worked out yet and right now the details to our new organization doesn’t really matter, what matters is the people we are going to try to raise money for. The WOTC and I believe Coven Life will come on board with us in our efforts to get this new organization off the ground. Don’t worry the WOTC and Coven Life aren’t going anywhere, we are just starting a new venture and hopefully a successful venture. The name of our new organization is “Pagans for Political Action.” That name will be on the banner and under it will be that it is sponsored by the WOTC and Coven Life. And I said I didn’t like mixing politics and The Craft, oh well, might as well jump in head first. The political climate in our country has to change. I have talked about it before and it never went anywhere, this time it will. It will also take work but good things don’t happen without work, known fact. Together we can make this happen and it looks like we are going to have to make it happen.

I know I have given you a lot of information today and I hope you mull it over and decide to join us in our future endeavors. I have talked about change for years, now it is time for that change to happen. Just remember right now the main issue is getting the funds together to help the workers that are not receiving paychecks and have no income. That is our number one goal for the time being. I just wanted to tell you the name of our new organization so you wouldn’t be shocked when you seen the banner. Remember when the banner comes out, please spread it to every nook and cranny on this planet. We have brothers & sisters who are going to start to hurt as long as this government mess drags on, let’s be there for them.

Thank you & Goddess Bless You,

Lady of the Abyss

To Continue Lady Abyss’ Post from January 12, 2019 – Just 1 of Many Videos by Unpaid USA Goverment Employees

Just like Lady Abyss I usually keep my political views off of Coven Life and WOTC but this topic has me as mad as a cat getting a bath

In case you missed Lady of the Abyss important post yesterday here is the link for it:

From CNN a 24 hours cable news channel in the United States. How can the USA be considered one of the richest, most powerful countries in the world let people and their families go hungry and possibly homeless by not paying them an honest day wage for an honest days work?

Lady Abyss and Lady Beltane ask that you open your hearts and wallets, even if it is only $1.00 or $5.00 USD you can afford to help those in our community that are not getting paid like they should be. You can make your donation thru the “Donate” button on the right side of Coven Life’s Homepage. A place will come up on PayPal to write a message in this box please put “For Goverment Employees.” Lady Beltane will be keeping a running spread sheet of who made the donation, the amount donated, and the person’s email address. There will be another spread sheet listing the people who have revived funds and the amount they received. Both of these spread sheets, with only the e-addresses blacked out will be posted weekly or sent to anyone that requests to have them emailed privately to them. You have the Lady’s Abyss’ and Beltane’s word of honor that every donation made by our combined CL and WOTC family will go to a USA employee who wages were taken away. 0

I also ask you send prayers up to the Goddess and her male Consort that these people find gainful employment to cover their bills which include but is not limited to putting food on their family’s table and keeping a roof over their heads. Light an empowered candle to bring positive everything back into their lives as quickly as possible. (More on doing this in another post)

A short rant follows:

The reason they are not getting paid is because of our messed up government starting from the top with POTUS trickling down through our US Congress and Senate and their sub committees that allocate funds. Oh yeah, that’s right there is no federal budget yet because the selfish egotistical man sitting in one of the most important position in the world, President of the United States of America won’t sign the budget because of wanting money to build a wall between the US and Mexico. I ask you Mr. President which is more important building a stupid wall or keeping the people who you are basically there over all boss paid so their children can go to bed in a home after they have eaten a decent meal? While we are on the subject of hungry, homeless families why is the US sending millions of dollars overseas to countries that aren’t even connected in anyway to the US. Don’t get me wrong I am all for helping people especially children who someday will be in Chafee of our great planet Gaia but we need to help those in our own country just as much as in the foreign ones. I ask you how is not paying US employees “Making America Grate Again’

End of rant for now but don’t be surprised if another one comes out of me

Lady Beltane

Update on our Adept Jennifer ( Jen )

This is an update written by Jen to let you know how she is doing after surgery. I’m in all most daily contact with her and know she is grateful for all your healing energy, thoughts, prayer, and candles being lot for her. Any coven members if you would like to email her directly please write to me requesting her email address. So Here is her way of telling you how everything went;

It was a five hour surgery
Just a simple nip and tuck
A change in gender
Is what it ended up

I woke up in recovery
Cold as I could be
They kept adding blankets
Until I couldn’t breath

The pain wasn’t bad
The drugs were definitely good
I laid there to recover
As the nurses knew I would

I ran a bit of a fever
The second day of recovery
It never got real high
It just treated me roughly

The swelling wasn’t bad
The bruising was really colorful
The bleeding I couldn’t see
And the catheter felt wonderful

Left the hospital on a Friday
Yule it would be
I went up to Carmel
So people could help me

Spent a week in the hotel
Resting and recovering
There was an arbys near by
That was really quite charming

Got the catheter out on Monday
And felt a whole lot better
The dr did it on Christmas eve
And said it was her pleasure

A week in the hotel
Was all that I could stand
I headed for home
But there was no brass band

Been home for 2 weeks
Slowly getting better
A cat on my lap
And me wearing a sweater

I do get out of the house
To get the personal stuff done
A cup of coffee with friends
And many appointments to come

The prognosis is good
The healing is fast
I thank you all for the prayers
With all the hurdles I have past

Jennifer 1 – 10 – 19