Good Saturday Morning Coven Life! I hate to interrupt but this is rather important, please take a moment to read.

I should mention that this post mentions the members and followers of The WOTC, but it also applies to anyone here. We consider every member of Coven Life to be part of our family. If you are effected by the current government shut down and we can get a fund up and running, we are more than willing to try to help you as well.

–Lady of the Abyss

I fully support what Lady Abyss says in this post. Remember Coven Life is WOTC’s sister site and we are just on big loving and powerful family

– Lady Beltane

1. Wettbewerb 2019 der Gruppe "Master of the Blingees"

Good morning to all our little snow bunnies. How y’all doing today? I hope you aren’t snowed in some place. Our weather forecasters amaze the crap out of me. I have found out with all the metal in my body, I can tell weather better than they can. Our “supposedly” snow storm pooped out! When we went to bed last night, I turned the porch light on. It was snowing like the devil, great big fluffy flakes. I figured this morning we would get up and we would have snow up to our rumps. WRONG! The only sign we have that it actually snowed and that we weren’t crazy last night is a shed in the back with snow on its roof. This is the second time this season, our weather forecasters have called for a “severe” snow storm to come through. Both times they have missed the mark. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining at all. I figure before the season is over, we will get hit with a 6 foot snow and won’t see daylight for a week. We are way overdue for a good snow storm. It seems around here, our weather runs in cycles. About every seven years, the seasons change. When the seasons change that is when you can expect bad weather. This is suppose to be the year our seasons change for us. This being the first of January, we are not out of the woods yet. So I guess I better keep my big mouth shut or else I will end up with a snowball in it, lol!

I have two things on my mind this morning, both of them have to do with the government. I know and you know, I don’t like to mix politics and witchcraft anymore than the next witch but….the government shut down has been weighing heavy on my mind. I am not going to play the blame game, whether it is the Republicans’ fault or the Democrats’ faults, I really don’t care. What I do care about is all the government workers that are not getting paid right now. I know as many followers and members as The WOTC has, there has got to be several of you who are currently being effected by this shut-down. I won’t play the blame game but I do think it is horrible to put the citizens of this country in the middle of this mess. I wonder how all the politicians in our country would like it, if all of a sudden their paychecks stopped rolling in. I don’t think they would. In fact, I don’t believe any of them could live the way most of us “average joes” do. I know what is like to live from paycheck to paycheck. In today’s economic, that is about all you can do anymore. You can’t save a dollar for a rainy day because something always comes up to take that dollar.

When I was watching the News (got to stop watching the News, it always gets me in trouble), I saw numerous people talking about how they were going to feed their children, how they were going to keep a roof over their heads and many more stories just like these. You know to live in the greatest country on the planet, this is pitiful and that is an understatement. It troubles my soul when I see these people because if the government don’t get its head out of its ass and do something, things are going to get much worse. People aren’t going to stand by and watch their children go hungry or lose everything they worked for all their life. I don’t believe the elected officials of our country would want a person like me for president. The first thing I would do is to stop their paychecks. If the American people aren’t getting paid, then they wouldn’t either. Hell, they would lose their minds if they had to live like we do. Plain and simple, they have lost touch with reality. They are playing politics with our lives.

There is going to be a poll at the end of this to see how many of you are directly effected by this shut-down. I want to know. I have a plan cooking in the back of my little brain and I decided it was time to act on it. I can’t stand by and watch potentials members of our family go hunger, lose their houses, can’t pay their bills or whatever else they need. I just can’t do it. My plan, and you can tell me what you think, is to create a fund for all those out of work right now due to the shut down and facing hardship. The funds will be donated from our members and others who are working and can afford to give a little to help others out during this crisis. And yes, it is a crisis. I know we have children going to bed every night hungry in this country and that is a shame. Now to add more children and families to that growing list, it is unthinkable. The money or donations wouldn’t even go into our PayPal account. I know Lady Beltane has opened a PayPal account for the magazine that is suppose to be coming out in a few months. I was going to see if we could use her account for this fund. Next thing after we get some donations collected would be for those workers in need to verify that they are government employees. How to do this, simple. Just email us a pay stub with everything blocked out, except the name of the government agency and the $0.00 balance you received on your last pay check. It probably won’t be much that we collect but perhaps it will help someone keep their lights on or buy a few groceries for their families. Everyone here has helped us when we have been in a tight spot, now it is our turn to return the favor. What I would like to know, would you be willing to help out our brothers & sisters currently trapped in the middle of political politics? Like I stated the money or donations will not go into our PayPal account, it will go into another one. We will gladly release every detail about where your donations have went and how and what they were spent for. Now will you help if we can get this up and running.

We have a very large family across the net, I know in this time of crisis we can pull together and help those who need it most. Just put yourself in their shoes, no money coming in, kids to feed, chance of losing your home, and there seems no hope in sight. How would you feel? I know how it feels and it is scary as hell. I want to know if this is something you would be willing to help out with? These are our brothers and sisters, proud Americans who are now political pons. They need our help and I am asking you, would you be willing to help if we can get this up and running?

This is just one of the things I wanted to talk to you about. The other I will wait a day or two on, it involves starting our own political movement.  Yes, you heard right, a political movement of our own. I am sick of the way things are going in this country. I am sure most of you are also. It seems no one, Democrat or Republican, can get their act together to change things, so it is time for a new voice to be heard. That voice is ours. I will give you more details on it later.

Now if you don’t mind and have a minute, would you please take the brief poll below. It will give us an idea of how many displaced workers we have in our community and how much we are going to have to raise to even start to help them out.

Goddess bless our country and our brothers and sisters currently caught up in this political mess. Let them know they are not alone and we are trying our best to find a way to help them. Let them stand strong in their faith and in their brothers and sisters of The Craft. 

So Mote It Be.

Lady of the Abyss



*After Thought* I forgot what really, really rubbed me the wrong way till I went back and read what I wrote. The other day I read that the government was giving their employees ideas on how to survive without paychecks. REALLY! I am going to call it what it is, “a crock of shit!” To tell people to have yard sales or garage sales, babysit, walk the neighbor’s dog or do handyman work, really! Are these idiots in Washington that far out of touch with reality? And how dare they tell these people that want to work and have worked for good money to go out and “walk a dog.” Who the hell do they think they are? I wonder how dear Chuck or Nancy would like to be told to “go walk a dog?” Nancy is not one of my favorite people. I would love to see that woman walking a dog, in fact, I would pay to see her walk a dog. She needs to walk her butt out the door with several others of those up there in Washington right now.

*End of Rant*

6 thoughts on “Good Saturday Morning Coven Life! I hate to interrupt but this is rather important, please take a moment to read.

  1. Let us help out dear Lady Abyss in this endeavor to help government workers not being paid. Even though we get frustrated at times when working with government employees at any level from our home towns to Washing D. C. they a real people with families to take care of. If what is keeping you from helping your distaste for the employees out that aside and instead think of their children going hungry and/or living on the streets. Also I’m sure some of these employees help their parents out in some way or another. If the employees have no income there parents could go with our food or an in home caretaker or nurse they need to help them do every day things such as just getting out of bed or being turned another way in bed to stop them from getting bed sores. The children, spouse, and parents going without medical attention they need. Of a nursing home or assisted care facility discharging a sick first-person who has no where else to go because their child’s house went into foreclosure.

    Do a meditation on putting yourself in a place where you and your family are living in your car or on the streets, you’ve only havr one male every 24 hours and that’s at a soup kitchen. Than as I yourself if that cup of coffee you paid for from a gourmet coff e shop, or paying the bill any meal you eat out wouldn’t be better spent helping some one feed there family and keep a toff over their heads
    Ok end of my rant too.


  2. Yes, even myself don’t like to talk about politics on this web site. As our leaders brought this out. Yes this does get under my skin. So I started to check out all news feed on this. For what I have learned and seen is that the Congress does not want to work with our President, Where it should. I have heard from our President state come and lets talk and work things out.
    I see for us American needs to blow up our Congress phones and tell them enough is enough.


    1. Good morning William,
      If you have followed us for a while, you know I don’t like to talk about politics on this site or any site. I have my own personal opinions and I have to set them aside to stay neutral in such matters. My own personal views and opinions, I feel very passionate about. I am glad you have been watching the News in regards to this current situation. I agree totally with you, that Congress will not work with the President on this matter. It doesn’t seem to matter that so many Americans are without income, let alone to mention those who need government aid not getting it and so on and so on. I wonder to myself how we got in this mess. I will tell you what sparked our new movement for me. It was the cday Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer came out from one of their meetings with the President. They took questions from the reporters and one of the reporters asked Nancy if she would give the President a dollar for his wall. She smugly walked over to the microphone and said, “A dollar? One dollar, yes, I would give him one dollar for his wall.” I never liked the woman that much and basically that moment sealed the deal with me on her and Chuck. Nancy thought she was being so smart and so, so, never mind I will stop on that (I get hot even thinking about that comment she made). But they don’t take seriously what is going on. They are out of touch with reality. It is funny to me that walls surround almost major country in this world and they seem to work. But they won’t work here, give me a break. Walls don’t work they why in the heck do they built walls and barriers around their homes? If Walls are that ineffective then let them tear their walls down and just wait and see what happens. Right now, I know what would happen, their homes would be mobbed by the angry voters who voted for them.

      I am just sick of it all. Not only the wall crisis right now but also the newly elected officials that have been sent to Washington. One of them to stand up and call the President a “mother f****er.” That shocked me to no end. Didn’t this official stop to think that children might be watching and what influence that would have on our future generations. No, she is a hot head that wants to make an impression and boy, did she ever. There is no respect for the highest office in our land anymore. I know some people like Trump, some don’t. I can’t help that but he is our President and he holds one of the most sacred offices in our country. When I grew up, people respected that office. The people also respected the President no matter who he was. I believe it is time for all the name calling and attacking the President to stop. I also believe it is time for the mainstream media to shut their mouths and stop all the lying and start telling the truth for once in their lives. The media in the country hasn’t helped this situation at all either. They just keep fanning the flames. The will not give President Trump a break. No matter if he went out on the front lawn of the White House and started pooping gold bricks, they would find a problem with it. Not the pure enough gold, not the right carats, something. In their eyes, he can’t do anything right. I was respect restored to that office. I also want those officials that have the gall to stand up and call him a “mf,” to be removed from office and be replaced with someone who has some common sense. Instead of those idiots in there right now that all they want to do is grand stand. They want to make a name for themselves. Well, make your name some place else or get out of office. You mentioned writing and phoning that is why we started Pagans for Political Action. We are going to have a list of all our elected officials phones numbers and hopefully emails people can write to them at on here today. I have got to get busy on that. I know witches, wiccans, Pagans and any others I might have left out don’t like to talk about politics. We have got burned once by politicians and church officials, we aren’t going to get burned this time I guarantee you. Most of us are upset and right now just down right angry about the way things are going in this country. We are the silent majority and they don’t know we exist. Take that back, they probably do, but just don’t care. It is time we make our voices heard. Our new organization has several plans in the works right now. If this crisis doesn’t break, we have been talking about taking a bus trip or gathering in Washington at Congress to protest there. People walking around the White House protesting is ridiculous. The President doesn’t makes the laws, the people outside ought to realize that and pack their happy little signs up and go over to Congress.

      This new venture of ours won’t dominate the issues on the WOTC, I promise you that. It will be there when something happens and ready to take action. We plan on writing, emailing, phoning, perhaps a trip of two to Washington, and having a resource available for those in need (whether it is during a government shut down or not). There is also another need in our country and it absolutely makes me sick, the homeless. Americans sleeping on the street, going hungry and we are sending billions of dollars overseas, for what? I believe charity begins at home and I believe we should do something to try to aid those sleeping on the streets in our great country. I believe we should do something for our Vets. I have been to a Veterans Hospital and frankly, I was overwhelmed by what I saw. I talked to one Vet and he told me he had been there since the night before just waiting to try to get in an see a doctor. I wanted to cry. He was sick and in a wheelchair, he had fought and lost a leg for our country, then to be treated like that, HA! There is a lot of issues our organization can tackle and will tackle. This country isn’t what our forefathers intended it to be. I use to be a Democrat, changed parties and become a Republican, now I am just fed up and I believe I am getting ready to become a Constructionist. All I know is something has to change and that is all there is to it. The Republicans can’t seem to get it done, the Democrats can’t seem to get it done, so it is time for a new voice to be heard. I believe that voice should be ours. We have been silent too long. Our voices and opinions matter and it is time our elected officials realize that. I am sorry I didn’t mean to talk your ear off but now you know how I feel and why we started Pagans for Political Action. I hope you will help us out with writing and phoning the elected officials in your state better yet give old Nancy or Chuck a call. I would still pay to see her walk a dog.

      Thank you for your comment. Have a very blessed day, my friend,
      Lady of the Abyss


  3. I don’t have a mind to understand politics. I do know that all this mess is holding up whether or not I get approved for SSI. The whole issue scares the crap out of me. People like us always seem to slip through the cracks.


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