Why all the Reblogs from WOTC?

The reason I have reblogged from WOTC.Today and yesterday is I somehow managed to twist the knee I had surgery on in November when bring my darling familiars in after their bathroom break. So I’m in a lot of pain. I’m on prescription pain meds. Between them and the brain fog because my fibromyalgia is in a flare I’m not thinking to well and do not want to post a article from another source I have not completely read or write something that makes know sense

Priestess Hypatia is taking off for a some quite family time after their family car crossed to the Summerlands. I know you’re along with my thoughts and prayers of comfort, love,and support are with them in their time of sorrow. Please light a white or light green candle to help soothe their heart chakras. Thank you!

So depending on how my knee feels tomorrow there maybe something new or it may just be reblogs from another site again tomorrow.