Update on Our Sister Jen

I was just texting with her and hopefully be talking to her later today after we are both through with physical therapy.  Her surgery went great and she is not in as much pain as she though she would be. Jen said, “She should be released from the hospital either Friday or Saturday.”

Now is when it is important to send her love, healing, support, comfort, and positive energy. Something as easy as lighting a candle while asking as many healing goddesses and/or gods to help her to heal quickly and to keep the pain to a minimum.

If you want to send a message to her you can email it to covenlifescoven@gmail.com I am compiling all the messages for her in chronological order in one email and am also going to print them out to snail mail to her.

I no longer need prayers, candles, or healing energy right now because my knee is way more healed then it should be after only 3 weeks. I know this is because of all the healing you have been sending my. I deeply appreciate it. But now let us focus on our sister Jen.

Also Lady Abyss’ older Aunt broke her arm and dislocated her shoulder. I will find out her first name then edit this post. I ask that you send healing to this wise woman also please.

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