Day of the Week Magickal Correspondences

To the Witch, each day of the week is more than just another day for work or errands; every individual day holds a different and unique vibration and power, enabling us to tap into a specific window of timing for our spell work. These correspondences enable us to work with the energies that surround us on a more clear level, thus adding more power and speed to the working we choose to do. Day of the week correspondences are just a single layer on which we can build our magickal timing, allowing us to ensure the success of our workings and healing.

I’ll be you may be wondering why a Witch would want to plan out her spells? A Witch doesn’t need special timing or tools. Isn’t a Witches power within his or her self? The answer is yes, a Witch’s power is definitely within his or her self; however, we are not always at 100% when our spell work may need it most! Let’s say you have come down with an illness and need to do a healing; if you are only feeling 50%, only 50% of your own energy is available for the spell. Should you perform your healing spell on a Monday, that day will contribute its healing energies to make up for what you are not able to supply! Of course, if you are feeling 100%, there’s nothing wrong with a little extra boost!
To read the rest of this article please click on this link: Days of the Week Magick

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