A Thought for Today

Importance of Our Blood and Spiritual Families

A family can be formed in many ways. I for instance have my children, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Then I also have my spiritual brothers and sister in Coven Life’s Coven and others that live in many different states and countries.

We all have times when we get frustrated with family members but the love we hold in our heart allow us to forgive them if we think the have said or done something wrong to us. Hopefully, they can accept an apology if you think you have done or said something wrong to them. True families are always capable of giving and/or receiving forgiveness.

I have been given two fantastic reasons for my gratitude cup to over which includes the Mother Goddess answering prayers for twin totally different things. I did not have anyone in my blood family that could take the afternoon off work on the 26th when I am having knee surgery but my dearest brother, White Wolf, called me Thursday to say he would go with me. The other prayer that was answered is having all my descendants together this coming Thursday for USA’s Thankgiving Day.

Another thing the Universe did was in the form of a very unexpected phone call last week from a close cousin I hadn’t heard from in about 2 years or more after us having an argument over what I don’t remember.

I include all these things in my morning prayer and meditation asking  Hekate and her consort to please making these things happen if they were suppose to.

Please remember you are part of our Coven Life family and we are here for you no matter what you maybe going through. If you feel the need to talk to someone about anything I am only an email away. For private messages please email them to Ladybeltane@aol.com As an ordained High Priestess what we talk about stays between you and I only.

Blessed be dear brothers and sisters.

4 thoughts on “A Thought for Today

  1. Thank you for the reminder Lady B and i hope yu have a wonderful Thanksgiving . Good luck with surgery on the 26th I hope it goes well and employment works out also. For me it just seemed like things clicked and my needs have been provided for me when i can not provide for them my self. Blessings lady

    Dawn of the day

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  2. So true that family is not always by blood relation. People are meant to come into our lives for different reasons. I truly believe that some family also can have fur and paws and meant to be by our side! I myself felt drawn to Coven life and am so thankful to be here.


    1. My 2 dogs a.k.a. fur babies are definitely part of my family as any other 4 legged companions I have had in my life has been. They are as much my daughters as my two-legged children are my sons and daughters. I thankful you found us and feel comfortable within our coven and community.

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