A Different Way of Embracing the Titles of the Triplle Goddess

Many witches feel that the phases of the Triple Goddess and the names corrsponding to the Moon phases are only parts of a female witch’s lifetime. While this is the traditional meaning I feel with more males becoming witches that they too should have titles to go with the Moon phases and their life phases.

Remember male or female we come into this world from our mother’s. Put there by combining female eggs and Male sperm that sets off a miracle that has been happening since couples started procreating. We all, female and male are babies and children with the same basic make up in hormones until reaching puberty. That is when we start showing the differences in how we see the opposite gender and usually see ourselves in a different way. I want to add in here that people sometimes are born into the wrong body type and now because of science and starting to be accepted somewhat better can have surgeries to correct this mistake. They can start feeling and looking as the gender they always felt they should be. There are also people who start looking at the same gender as themselves differently than more then just a friend to hang out with. We at Coven Lifee embrace all pagans/witches as equals and are happy to accept them into our Covenand school. We the Elders welcome diversity with in our community.

Please keep in mind the above paragraphs while reading the rest of this article. I will not delete any negative comments about the topic of this article unless they use foul language and/or are very negative in their wording. I have zero tolerance for anyone bashing the LGTB persons as they are children of our Lord and Lady also.

The Triple Goddess goes by many names depending on path of The Craft you follow and/or the country you live in.. The different titles of the Moon tie in with every months Moon phases . Just as the different titles for each of our life times goes with the changes in our bodies and the phase our life is in.

First here is the traditional titles and corrspponsmding Moon phases. After a girl has her first blood the next waxing Moon she will come to us as a Maiden. The waxing monthly moon phase is also the Maideb. When a woman has her first child or comes to us around 25 to 30 she is the Mother when the Moon is full. During the monthly Moon phase the full Moon is know as the Mother phase. Finally when the cessation of a monthly blood by any way happens, she has the wisdom built up over many years, and wants to she becomes the Crone or Elder

come during the waning Moon of this lifetime. The monthly warning Moon is known as The Crone phase.

For male witches Young Man is the title for the waxing Moon phase starts as you see physical changes in your body, the Father phase happens when your first child is born, and. After your children are grown up or when you feel you have much winsome to share with younger people you become known as an Elder.

As I said in the beginning this is my way of looking at the titles for our different life phases. Let me know what you think about Male witches also having a title for different phases of their lifetimes.

Copyright 2018 by Lady Beltane

2 thoughts on “A Different Way of Embracing the Titles of the Triplle Goddess

  1. Beautifully said Lady Beltane!
    We are all children of the divine.
    A balance is essential in all of nature otherwise life as we know it could not exist. As global human conciousness is on the rise, awakening humans are begining to understad that existance is only possible with the universal dance of adrogyneous coagula.
    This mentality is not a recent discovery, in fact the Greeks had a God Hermaphroditus, the son of Hermes and Aphrodite, who had the qualities of both male and female.
    Humans expressing their androgynous nature is nothing new, (another Greek world meaning andro- man and gynous- woman). Taking a look at the Buddha one can neither tell if the Buddha is male or female.
    In china the Yin and Yang is the coagula of both aspects.
    Shakespeare was renowned for this way of thinking, artists in the 70’s and 80′ like david Bowie and Grace Joans just to name a few also expressed their androgynous nature.
    Labels are just that, Goddess this, God that, yet each has an aspect of both. We are children of both, we were created from both, you would only fall into the depths of deep denial if you believe your God OR your Goddess is solely responsible for your existsnce.
    Labeling is now almost becoming passe’.
    We need to live as human beings, not as male or female.

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  2. thank you Lady B, as a member of the LGBT community I appreciate all your support over the year. Wow i just realized something I havent even been part of the coven for a year and it already feels like a lifetime. Hope you get to feeling better soon

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