How I found the Coven Where I Did my Novice Traing

Since I was about 13 I’ve always tried t o walk to the sound of my own drummer but still bring under parental and school authority it didn’t always work out well. On my 19th birthday, after having 2 children and a failed marriage, I said to hell with the directions the”adults” in my life thought I should go, especially my spiritual path (I come from witches on both sides of my family that are hidden very deep in the broom closet) and listened to my drummer/spirit guide as stated embracing the true me I had hid mostly his from myself and definitely his from others. My search for a mentor in The Old Ways/The Craft took me a while because no computers and word of mouth was not very forth coming. But I’m Samhain I was walking in some woods near my home and dribbled on a coven celebrating the Sabbat. I say just inside the tree line where I thought I would be be seen….ha! My first lesson in finding out how our Third Eye can work because all of sudden the music, chanting, and dancing stopped as I lied to see what was happening next there was an old, when I say old I mean she in her ninties, I came to find out she was the Crime Elder of the coven. This lady out her hand out to me and said, “Come child of nature we have been waiting for you.” I was a little afraid of the other coven members but something in me trusted the Crone. The was the retired High Priestess of the coven she had handed over the coven to one of her daughter’s and son-in-laws.

That first experience celebrating Samhain with the coven was nothing short of see inspiring for me with a bonfire teaching high into the star lot night sky, watching and listening to the music be played on drums and flutes, the hand in hand circle, which I was included, of people dancing around the fire. I immediately wanted to b part of this group of “loving” people.

When the celebration was winding the High Priestess asked if I wanted to follow the Craft and of cord I said yes. I was given a  small invitation which had the date, time, and place of their next gathering. I was also sworn to silence about what I had seen that night as the place of the next gathering.

As I wrote about before my novice training experience was to me horrible but I was afraid to leave the coven until it was done because of the contract I signed and what could possibly happen to my living female bloodlines, maternal and parental sides, my children, and/or myself. At the time I signed the contract I had no idea how to put protection around myself or anyone else. But the date the contract expired, one year and one day from signing it, I turned my back on he entire coven except the Crime who help me with my path as often as she could even going against coven by laws to help me.

T can read about my time as a novice in an older post. Use the words Lady Beltane Novice.

Thank you for letting me share part of my pagan/whitchy path with you. May you life be blessed with positive energy.