As the Northern Hemisphere Begins to Settle in For The Cold Tempatures and Shorter Days

Now is the time to finish your final harvest as anything left on plants, trees, and vines on Samhain, October 31st is for the wildlife, gods, and goddesses to enjoy.

It is time, if you can, to can fruits and vegetables. To pick, during the right Moon phase for optimal power, and dry your herbs. To stick up on other non-perishables you have to buy, put extra meat and homemade or store bread in your freezer. I even buy a small thing of powdered milk in case we get snowed in.

I also check to make sure I have all my magickal supplies, candles, herbs, oils, etc, stocked and ready for use. I also make sure I have my Yule log under a trap so I don’t have a problem lighting on the Winter Solstice. Whenever possible I do a ritual outdoors for Samhain and the Winter Solstice because I do not have any type of fireplace indoors.

As for my home now is when I do a fall cleaning and through smudging in every room and my basement. I want to make sure I do not have any negativity in my home before the windows are closed and the furnace turned on giving it and/or nasty beings a place to hide in.

Please tell us what you do to get ready for you he darker and colder time of the year. Leave as long a comment as you want to. I hope I can get some new ideas from others on preparing for this time of year.

2 thoughts on “As the Northern Hemisphere Begins to Settle in For The Cold Tempatures and Shorter Days

  1. I grew up in the mountains of North Carolina. Our late fall and Winter traditions were to gather the rest of herbs and veggies in the garden’. We would can any kind of veggie grown, even vegetable soup. At Yule we always celebrate with the Yule log. The one thing I miss from my childhood is my Grandma would, make a Yule pumpkin roll, sugar cookies, and apple butter stack cack’s. Those were some fun times with great memories. Just talking about my Grandma’s baking, I can almost smell the delicious sense’s of goodies.

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  2. One of my favorite Sabbat’s of the year. I’make preparing for my Yule ritual. I smudge my home and altar to get rid of any negative energies. I alway’s prepare my altar way before Yule. I decorate the altar with symbol’s of the Sun, Holly, Miseltoe, nuts, fruit, pine cones, Yule log with lots of candles. One of my favorite family traditions are baking pumpkin Yule logs, peanut and coconut chocolate covered balls. As well as Apple butter stack cake, cookies. On the night of Yule. I alway’s remember my family that’s in Summer land. Memories and time are the two precious gifts life gives us.
    Blessed Be!


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