Before We Run Today, Two Reminders………

Witches Of The Craft®

First reminder, we won’t be on the internet tomorrow. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. I have leaved if I am not in the office watching over a couple of these witches like a hawk, all hell breaks loose. So we will off tomorrow.

Second, we will have a chat Saturday, August 11. If I thought enough of you would show up, we would have a new moon ritual but I am waiting till the turn out improves or at least people stop lurking and come out and chat. Details on the chat below…..

Third, got a minute, stop by Magickal Necessities to see all the new goodies we have just got in stock.  You will find the link to it below also.

So I guess I will see you Saturday morning, I hope. Till then my sweets……

Love ya,

Lady A

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Topic: Witchcraft

Time: 10…

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