Why does Coven Life Charge for Novice and Adept Courses and Ask for Donation From Other Readers

I am kind of sure you get tired of seeing posts asking for a donation on this site for another site. This time I am asking for help to bring you a wider content of subjects to Coven Life’s website. All I ask is you read this post and think about making a small donation

I know if I was asked to pay a fee to take a course to learn The Craft and/ or if I found a website asking for a small donation to help keep it running that is open to the public for anyone to read any articles for free, I would ask myself why do they need money.

So I thought I should give you the approximate amounts it takes monthly to keep this website and our private chat room, open to any coven member and/or guest as a safe place to talk to others in The Craft and to hold ritual gatherings in.

Here are the approximate monthly and yearly costs Coven Life has to pay as with anything these costs could go up from the companies we pay them too at any time:

Electricity $30.00 per month

Internet connection (1/2 of total monthly fee I’m charged because my internet connection is used for personal connection also) $20.00 per month

Coven Life’s Private Chat Room $48.00 per year

Coven Life’s Domain Name: $33.00 per year

Right now the website is free but if we want to still be able to post songs and/or videos we have to change from the free plan to a “Personal (Premium) Plan” the cost is on special at the moment for $28.00 per month instead of the normal $48.00 per month it could increase back to WordPress normal fee at anytime. We want and enjoy being able to bring you links for pagan songs and videos plus maybe do a podcast of our gatherings live when possible but cannot for lack of funding.

All Coven Life’s staff members including myself have benn, are, and will continue being unpaid volunteers.

So maybe once a month you could skip a coffee from one of those high price coffee places. Or keep your change when you make purchase with cash wherever. Than take the change into the bank once a month, have it deposit to your account and than donate to Coven Life. Even if it is only $1.00 or $2.00 a month every little bit helps.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to help us give you an informative website and private chat room (open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for you to use to talk with other witches, students, coven members or Elders.

With love and graditude,

Lady Beltane and the CL Staff

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